How To Iron a Shirt or Blouse

Do you love to wear a freshly ironed shirt or blouse, but don't have the skill to do it? If you're somebody who loves the look of fresh and crisply ironed clothes, then it's time for you to invest some effort in learning the skill. Iron your shirt or blouse the military way. This means your shirt or blouse hangs without creases down the sleeves. Creased and folded sleeves are cheap-looking. The following guide will help you learn the skill.

  • Buy a good iron (with a  steamer if you can afford it), ironing board, and a spray bottle. To prepare ironing water, first sterilize your spray bottle. Mix purified water with 10-15 drops of scented oil and a small amount of starch. Shake well and spray it directly on the clothes while you iron. Store unused mixture in the refrigerator for future use.

  • Undo all the buttons.

  • Moisten the clothes minutes before you start.

  • Start with the collar: spread it flat on the ironing board and iron the outside first. Turn it so that the inside is on top. Spray a little water if the collar has gotten dry after pressing the outside.

  • When the collar is done, iron one cuff on both sides. Remember to moisten the cloth with your spray bottle.

  • Then spread the sleeve flat on the board. You may procure a "sleeve board" (which looks like a small ironing board) for a sharper and crease-free result.

  • Iron the sleeve starting from the open cuff going up the shoulder. Do not iron up to the right edge. Turn the sleeve to press the other side. Do the same on the other sleeve.

  • Position the shirt so that the shoulder panel moves to the end of the board. Follow with the other shoulder.

  • Iron the body by starting on the front opening edge. Slide the tip of the iron between the buttons so that the top of the buttons is not heated.

  • Flip to the back to iron, remembering to spray with the starch water for best results.

  • Store the newly ironed shirt or blouse on coat hangers ensuring that the top button is closed.

For silk garments, you can achieve the best results with the following tips:

  • Move your iron fast even if you are on low heat or have set your iron on silk.

  • As much as possible do a pressing instead of ironing.

  • Iron or press the reverse side to minimize likely damage. Use clean bond paper on top of the fabric to protect it from the high heat and pressure required of silk.

  • Use lots of steam and allow the garment to cool before moving it in order to retain pleats.

Freshly ironed shirts or blouses will give you a feeling of satisfaction by doing things the right way. You can have a "military look" with your crease-free sleeves and shoulders without the expense of hiring someone to do your ironing, giving you a sharp look at work.


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