How To Iron Blue Jeans

Jeans have been in fashion since the 1950's. Jeans are basically a pair of trousers made from denim. They come in different styles and never go out of fashion.  People from all walks of life wear jeans.  Jeans were originally made as a work attire but became popular because of its style and comfort.  Of course, you do not want wearing our jeans with wrinkles, so it is best to learn the best way to iron your blue jeans.

  • First of all, your jeans must washed and fully dried. Be sure that it is well rinsed to remove excess dye.  Next, prepare the things you need; an electric iron (does not have to be a steam iron), ironing board and a good spray can of  heavy starch.  All of these can be bought at your local stores and will not cost you more than $ 50 (depending on the brand).
  • Then find a place with enough to room to set up your ironing board.  Now determine if you want a pair of jeans with creases or not.  Some people find it awkward to have creases, some don't.  If you want creases on your pants, fold it in a way that the inside and outside seem of the pants meet, then lay it on the board. 
  • Spray it with starch and start pressing with the iron, moving up and down the board.  If you want a more visible crease, just press harder on folds.  Turn to the other side and just repeat the steps until you get the desired stiffness you want for your jeans.  Remember the more starch you spray the stiffer it will get.
  • Now if you do not want creases on your jeans, just lay it flat on the board with seems across, then spray with starch and start pressing.  Do not pres too long because it will surely burn the denim and may cause discoloration on that part.  Carefully move the iron up and down on every side and do not press hard on the fold so it will not mark your jeans with a crease on the side.  When spraying, make sure that you spray it evenly on the whole jeans to obtain that flat wrinkle free pair of jeans.

After pressing your jeans, it is advisable to just hang it rather than folding and storing it on a shelf. Again, if you want creases, put it in the hanger the way you press it.  Placing a thin wax paper prevents your jeans from having fold in the middle.

Now you are ready for the whole week of work with your jeans pressed nicely.  No need to spend so much on dry cleaners just to have your blue jeans pressed.  Ironing blue jeans may seem to be a tedious task but once you get the hang of it, it is going to be an automatic weekly task for you and will surely save you a lot money. Just get a lot of practice to get it right.  Then, finally wear your well-pressed jeans!


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