How To Iron Collar of Dress Shirt

Ironing your dress shirt collar is not always the easiest task to do. However, armed with the proper knowledge, completing this task properly and successfully will just be a breeze. To help you get started, check out these steps in properly ironing the collar of a dress shirt:

  • Read the label on the shirt. Though you will think that this step must be skipped, it is important for you to check the label. This is for you to find out certain information that will guide you in ironing the dress shirt. For instance, a lot of shirt tags indicate the type of material used for the item and also the recommended iron settings for the shirt. If you fail to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can end up damaging not only the collar but the rest of your dress shirt.
  • Prepare your iron for the task. Know the iron settings for different kinds of materials. Use the most appropriate setting for the dress shirt you are intending to press.
  • Position the collar for ironing. Keep in mind that when ironing your dress shirt, the collar must be the first thing you must press. This is because the collar will not get wrinkled anymore once it is already pressed even if you work on the other parts of the shirt. For some, it is ideal to follow this step so that at any point, they will not forget to iron the collar out. At this point, position the collar onto the ironing board. Make sure that the collar lies flat on the board to ensure that it will be pressed nicely.
  • Press the collar as needed. Before applying pressure to the collar, spray a little starch onto the collar. The starch will give the collar the stiffness that it needs. However, if you do not want this effect. Spray water instead of starch onto the collar. Then, iron the collar until such time that it is free of wrinkles already.
  • Work on the reverse side of the shirt collar. Flip the collar and spray this side with starch or water, depending on your choice. Iron this part the same way you did for the first side of your dress shirt collar.
  • Fold the collar. Depending on how you want to wear the dress shirt, fold the collar. However, make sure you fold it nicely to give it a natural look.
  • Work on the rest of your dress shirt. Once the collar is done, you can proceed ironing the sleeves and the body of your dress shirt. While doing this, be careful not to ruin what you have done with the collar. If you forget this, you can end up repeating your ironing task in the dress shirt collar.

A collar may be the smallest component of your dress shirt. However, it requires the same attention as the other parts of the shirt especially when it comes to ironing. Take note that a few wrinkles in the collar are unforgivable, too. Hence, make every way to properly iron the collar of your dress shirt before you go out wearing it.


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