How To Iron Denim

Even if your denim is your favorite apparel, you cannot deny the fact that it is hard to iron it out. With the denim fabric’s stiffness alone, an ironing task will always come out harder than expected. However, this is not true most of the time. If you have the right knowledge and tools, ironing denim can be the lightest ironing task you experience. Read on and find out how you can properly and easily iron denim:

  • Prepare the denim for ironing. Before you press denim, it is important that it is clean. This is not only for hygienic purposes but also for ease of the ironing process. Hence, wash the denim first before you iron it.
  • Position the denim on the ironing board. Choose one leg of the pants where you will start the ironing process. Lay this leg onto the board straightly and flatly. This is important for you to take note of to ensure that you can easily and nicely press the denim later on the process.
  • Apply some spray starch onto one leg of the denim. The spray starch will help you achieve a flatter denim finish. Aside from a spray starch, you can spot wipe the denim with a damp cloth to make the ironing process smoother and easier.
  • Iron the denim. Press the denim in all directions to flatten it out. You can move the iron across, up, or down the leg of the pants until you are satisfied with the result. Work from the topmost part of the denim going downwards for more convenience but give more attention to the pockets. Also, take note to set your iron at the highest possible setting. This is necessary because denim is made of cotton and a high setting is necessary to flatten it out successfully. A lower heat setting will simply be not enough to free the denim from wrinkles.
  • Work on the other leg of the pants. Repeat Steps Two to Four to iron the other leg of the denim. Carefully do this process to avoid wrinkling the finished leg of the pants.
  • Fold the denim properly. An improper fold of the denim after ironing it out can give way to the development of creases especially if you will not be wearing the denim right away. The right way to fold the denim is across the pants' seam.
  • Hang the denim properly. It is ideal to use a wax paper in between the denim and the hanger if you will hang it in the closet. The wax paper will eliminate the development of an obvious hanger fold on the denim. Moreover, it is also a good idea to hang two denims in one hanger as this setup gives each of the denim a long lasting ironed effect. This can be credited to the overall weight of the jeans in this setup.

Now that you know how to iron denim, there is no more excuse for you to wear one with creases. These simple techniques and tips will guarantee you a great finish for your denim without taking too much of your time, effort, and patience.


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