How To Iron Organza Tablecloths

Organza tablecloths are the best pieces to adorn whatever table you have at home. With their classy appeal, they undoubtedly bring great elegance to a room in an instant. However, no matter how much you love this kind of tablecloth, you will always find it tough to take care of it. Ironing organza tablecloths is a job that is not only hard but is also tricky. With a few mistakes, you can melt your most precious organza tablecloths. So take note of these following tips to help you in properly ironing out organza tablecloths:

  • Prepare all the things you need for the task. You already know that when ironing any kind of garment, you need an iron and an ironing board. However, when you are dealing with organza tablecloths, you need a press cloth for the protection of the organza fabric. Without one, it is impossible to finish the task without giving harm to the tablecloths.
  • Position the tablecloth on the board. Flatten out the tablecloth onto the ironing board. Make sure that the cloth is laid flatly on the board to ensure a smooth ironed out finish later on the process.
  • Add a press cloth for protection. It is important that the press cloth is made of cotton. This can be a cotton table cloth or a scrap fabric. Lay it over the organza tablecloth. The press cloth will serve as the layer protecting the tablecloth from too much heat from the iron.
  • Set the iron for the task. Organza is a very sensitive fabric. Hence, the lowest possible iron setting is the perfect one you can use for this task. Anything higher can seriously melt your elegant tablecloth right away.
  • Do a small test on the cloth. Find a hidden and small area of the tablecloth so you can test whether your iron setting is right or not. Iron that specific area and check whether the fabric reacts differently or not. This is very important so that you can save the rest of the tablecloth in events that you make a little mistake in the settings. Depending on the fabric’s reaction, adjust the setting of the iron or otherwise, continue to the next step.
  • Start the actual ironing process. When ironing the organza tablecloth, always keep in mind that you must iron lightly. Since you know that the fabric is very much sensitive, it is not a good idea to do the ironing slowly. Move the iron as quickly as possible and do not forget to move the press cotton cloth as you go along the rest of the material.
  • Fold the tablecloth for storage purposes. Fold the cloth lightly so as not to wrinkle it while on storage. Or, you can place it on the table for an immediate elegant transformation of your room.

Do not let your organza tablecloths melt away just because of your lack of knowledge in caring for them. Much more, do not allow your organza cloths to lose their charm just because they have wrinkles all over. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will always have organza tablecloths ready to bring elegance to any room of your precious home.


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