How To Iron Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are part of most peoples’ wardrobes. They never seem to go out of style, especially for those business formal or casual types. The type of pleats depends on one’s preferences, style and body type but younger people prefer pants that do not have pleats. But others use it as an alternative to their straight pants.

Pleats serve an important role in making the pants fit well on the person using it.
For a very long time they have been used for proper fitting. Since the pleats since then become an integral part of the style, proper ironing of it must be applied. Here are some tips for your guidance.

  • Know the basic care. A set of instructions on caring and ironing your pants is usually provided by the manufacturer for your guidance. It is printed usually as a tag inside of your parts. It is important to read it first before doing anything to your pants to help you make your pants last longer.
Set your iron temperature according to the required temperature of your pants. It is important that you read and follow the care instructions to avoid your pants getting burned due to high temperature of your iron. Note that the temperature differs depending on the type of fabric used. Better to be sure than to feel sorry. You cannot redo the damaged or make a remedy for it once it is done.
  • Iron the inner part first. Since our pants have pockets, it is best to iron it first to make the ironing on the outer part much easier since the fiber of the cloth have been stretched already. Start on the waist part first then proceed to the inner pockets. Flatten it well to make the ironing on the outer part much easier.
  • Iron the outer part. This will be much easier since the fibers have been stretched already. Start on the lower part first basically on the pant legs for easier ironing then proceed to the upper part. Since the number of pleats can vary, move the iron on the waistband then follow the natural position of the pleats.

Set the desired position of pleats by ironing it up and down. But do note that it should not be applied to the whole pants. Pleats must appear only on the upper part to shape the pants and thus to make it look good. Repeat these steps on the other side.
Finish it up by creasing the pleats up to the middle part of the pants leg. This is usually preferred by all since this has been the traditional way of ironing the pants. But this is optional, you can just crease the area of its pleats then disregard on the middle part. Once done, fold your pants in two and hang for ready to use.

Pleated pants look best when it is ironed well. It can make a big difference on the body shape of the person, which is why proper ironing is a must.


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