How To Iron Sheets

It may be an impractical task to iron bed sheets before arranging them on your bed. After a night, the sheets will after all be full of wrinkles already. However, it is still a good idea to iron the sheets. Wrinkle-free sheets on the bed signify neatness at least for a short span of time. Hence, there is nothing wrong to devote a little of your time ironing the sheets. After all, this task is a very easy process as compared to ironing your clothes. Here, check out these tips to help you iron out sheets:

  • Work on the sheets while still damp. There is no more point waiting for the sheets to dry off completely. This state of the sheets will only make it hard for you to remove the wrinkles from them. Rather, start ironing them while they are all still damp. This will make a smoother and easier ironing process for you.
  • Use a little steam for the sheets. If, on the other hand, your sheets are already dry, a little steam will help you get a smoother press of the bed sheets. If you don't have a steam iron, spray a little water on the sheets.
  • Find a good surface for the ironing process. The regular ironing board is not enough to accommodate the rest of the sheets. However, the regular ironing board can be used if you cannot find a large enough area for the sheets. But, when using a regular board, you have to carefully do the ironing especially that it involves a lot of folding all throughout the process. The best surface to do the ironing of the sheets is a large board. However, a wide table will also do the trick as long as the table can hold the heat from the iron.
  • Determine the fabric of the sheets. The fabric of the sheets will determine the temperature to be used for the ironing process. Check the label of the sheets to find out the manufacturer's recommendation. Then, set your iron to the recommended heat setting for best results. Take note that it is very important for you to follow this step to ensure that you will not be giving damage to the sheets the moment the iron hits the fabric.
  • Test the iron onto the fabric. Find a small area on the sheets where you can test the iron. Quickly iron that portion of the fabric and then evaluate how the fabric is reacting to the heat. Continue only with the ironing when the fabric is not reacting negatively to the heat.
  • Iron the rest of the sheets.  Carefully run the iron on all areas of the sheets. Since sheets are wide and long, it is best to iron one area at a time. This way, you will not miss a single area and you can be assured that every area is done perfectly.
  • Store the sheets carefully. Once the ironing is done, fold the sheets carefully to avoid any formation of new wrinkles. Store the sheets in your closet neatly so they will be ready for a fresh and smooth use.

So with your favorite music on, why not pass the time ironing sheets? It is not much of a hassle to do not to mention yet the great effects wrinkle-free sheets can offer you. So enjoy the view of great sheets and feel the greatness of lying down on smooth and flat sheets. This can also be a necessity especially if you are working on the sheets of your guest room.


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