How To Iron Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta fabric is made and produced from the finest silky fiber; that is why its price is quite high compared to other fabric. Taffeta delicate features and properties are the reasons why it is sold at a higher price.

Taffeta fabric is always used for wedding dresses, evening gowns and curtains. Taffeta fabric was first woven in European countries such as France and Italy, but as of this moment most of taffeta fabrics are made in India.

Taffeta fabric has two different types, which are the yarn-dyed taffeta and the piece-dyed taffeta. The yarn-dyed taffeta fabric has a hard aspect to it, making it suitable for creating evening gowns. Piece-dyed taffeta fabric has a soft and smooth texture making it perfect for creating lining for the gowns.

Whatever type of taffeta fabric you will choose, it is important for you to know the proper way to iron your taffeta fabric so you will have a well-ironed and wrinkle free taffeta. Here's how you can iron a Taffeta Fabric.

  • Prepare the things you will need in ironing:  Before you start ironing your taffeta fabric make sure that all things needed in your ironing are with you. You will need an iron board with a stand, steam iron, clean water for the steam iron and pressing cloth.
  • Check your iron features: Check your iron feature if it has the capacity to iron delicate and soft fabrics such as taffeta. Look for the procedure in the manual so you will be familiar with the different settings of your iron. If your iron does not have the capacity to iron silky fabric, set your iron to the lowest temperature setting. Most silky fabric requires a low heat temperature due to its inherent sensitivity to heat.
  • How to iron your taffeta fabric: Now that all the things needed for ironing are already prepared, set the iron in a low or delicate setting so as not to burn your fabric. And then, put your taffeta fabric on the ironing board. Putting your fabric on the iron board will help you iron out the difficult parts of a fabric especially the neckline and armpit section. If you are using an iron steamer, put some clean water in the iron's water container.

For safety measures, make sure to wipe the wet area so the water will not go directly to the fabric. If you are ironing curtains, which usually take longer, use an armchair to prevent the fabric from falling onto the floor. Put a damp cloth on top of the fabric and gently iron the fabric. Move the iron in different directions until you finished the entire wrinkled area. After ironing, immediately hang your fabric so as to keep your fabric from being wrinkled.

Taffeta fabrics are delicate and require careful ironing so as to keep its beautiful and elegant features. In ironing a taffeta fabric, make sure not to rest the iron on the fabric so you will not burn your fabric and change its color. With this in mind you can easily iron a taffeta fabric.


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