How To Keep a White Towel Bright

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Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house so it is important to keep them looking their best.  Bathrooms are used for a number of reasons, one of the most important is for getting clean.  Whether it's a shower, bath or washing your hands, drying off with a clean towel is important.  Yet with constant use, how can you keep a white towel bright?

Keeping white towels bright is easier than you may think and involves just a few quick steps.

  1. First, keep white laundry separated from colored laundry.  It is a common mistake to wash all towels together, but this often leads to colors bleeding on one another.  Some of the most important colors to steer away from are pinks and reds, as these will dye your white linens.
  2. Once separated, inspect your bath linens for any possible stains.  Stains need to be pre-treated with a stain remover before entering the wash.  If not done properly, stains can settle into the bath linens, causing them to lose their bright, white color.
  3. Begin your wash cycle using as much water as you need for your white towels.  Choose the hottest temperature of water available to ensure that your white towels will be cleaned properly.  Using hot water kills off all the germs and bacteria that get onto bath linens and hooded towels.
  4. As the water fills, add detergent to the water.  There is a wide variety of detergents available, so use one that fits your needs.  You can purchase detergent that is made especially to keep white towels bright, or you can opt for detergents that are dye and odor free.
  5. You may now add bleach to the cycle to help keep your white towels bright.  Bleach is designed to keep your whites whiter and fresher looking, but be aware of any restrictions your bath linens and hooded towels may have against using bleach.
  6. For a better option, choose to use a half cup of lemon juice.  Lemon juice is less harmful to fabrics and acts as bleach does, keeping white towels looking their best.  It also adds a fresh, lemon scent to your laundry.
  7. Now add your white towels into the washer.  Don't forget to add any white towels from your guest or secondary bathroom.  This ensures that all of your bath and hand towels will get a fresh clean on a regular basis.
  8. When the cycle is completed, place your white towels and bath linens in the dryer.


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