How To Keep an Oven Clean

Keeping an oven clean doesn't have to be a tough and time-consuming job if you follow several simple steps. It's important to keep your oven clean so that it works efficiently, effectively and of course, to avoid any dangers that can come from improper or no cleaning. If you have a self-cleaning oven, follow the instructions and skip this part but if you need know how to clean the oven yourself, here are some steps to clean and then keep your oven clean and in good shape:

  1. Ensure that the heating units are off and if you own a gas oven, use extra caution.
  2. Take out everything that is inside your oven. That includes drip pans, racks, etc. Place these items on newspapers and keep them out of the way.
  3. Place old newspapers on the floor beneath the oven.
  4. Once you have read the oven cleaner instructions, put on rubber gloves and spray the inside of the oven. Begin with the top, then the sides and then the bottom. (As you're spraying the inside of the oven, be careful not to spray the electrical or gas units.)
  5. Then, once the waiting time is over and using rubber gloves, rinse down the oven well with a large sponge and a large container of warm water. Ensure that all parts of the oven are rinsed well. Then, allow the oven to dry.
  6. When the oven is dry, replace the racks and drip pans.

Here are a few more tips that will help keep your oven clean on a daily basis. After you're done with your oven cleaning, line your racks with aluminum foil. You can also line your drip pans, too. When you do this one easy step, the next time something spills over in the oven, you will not have a big mess to clean up. All you will have to do is replace the aluminum foil!

Also, spacing your oven racks according to the food that is prepared can also help prevent over or under cooking and messes inside the oven. For instance, if you want to broil something, put one of your racks close to the top. By doing this, your broiling process will go better and faster. But, always check now and then to make sure that foods are not over-cooked.

In addition, after all cooking has been done; be it either stove-top or oven, clean up all surfaces. Clean all areas around the stove top—on top and the trays beneath the cooking areas and around the control center at the top of the oven. It also helps to clean all counter areas, to ensure that they, too, are clean and ready for the next meal. This takes a few extra minutes but it will help greatly the next time you cook, bake or broil and your oven and counter top areas will look great.


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