How To Keep Cotton Pants from Shrinking

Because of its high level of comfort, cotton is a widely used material in making pants. But cotton pants, like any other cotton clothes, have the tendency to shrink. This is why it is necessary to go extra mile in caring for cotton pants. Here are some suggestions in preserving the cotton pants’ fit.

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions. Read the instructions on the label of the cotton pants and take note how you should care for them. Also, look for special care directions that you should follow.
  • Use mild detergents. Mild detergents keep cotton clothes from shrinking, so use them whenever you are washing your cotton pants. There are several brands available in the market today but choose the brand that is the most promising and you feel you can trust.
  • Wash the cotton pants in the washing machine using the gentlest setting. If recommended by the manufacturer, you can use your washing machine in washing your cotton pants. But make sure to turn it on the gentle or delicate setting. Use cold water and pour mild detergent. Then, run the cycle for a few minutes. Remember to put only up to four pants in the washing machine, as too much weight can damage the pants and the washing machine itself.
  • Hand-wash the cotton pants. If possible, consider hand-washing your cotton pants. Simply pour cold water in a basin or small tub. Then add mild detergent. Turn the pants inside out and put them in the soapy water. Begin to gently press them. When done, refill your basin or small tub with water and rinse the pants. Again, press the cotton pants. Squeeze the water out without wringing them.
  • Shake the cotton pants. Whether you washed them in the washing machine or hand-washed them, it is important to shake the cotton pants to smooth out the creases. Remember to do this very gently to prevent damaging the fabric.
  • Hang the cotton pants dry. After washing the pants, make sure to hang them on a drying rack using a hanger. Best to use pants hanger, but if it is not available, you can use an ordinary hanger with clips. It will help if you hang the pants in an inverted position to prevent shrinkage of the waistband. Remember not to put the cotton pants under direct sunlight, as this can promote shrinkage. Instead, have them air-dried. Drying it this way will take at least a day.
  • Avoid using dryer. Drying cotton pants in the dryer is not advisable. But should there really be a need to use a dryer, make sure to run the cycle for only a few minutes and use the cool setting. Take the cotton pants out the dryer immediately and hang them to completely dry.

Make sure to observe the tips above to prolong the life of your pants, prevent them from shrinking, and possibly avoid fading and discoloration. You can also do the same tips in caring for your other cotton clothes.


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