How To Keep Couch Cushions from Slipping

It is quite annoying when the cushions slip from the couch. You sit then stand up and suddenly the cushion is sliding off its place. It’s even more annoying if you have to readjust the cushions several times while you are seating. But don’t worry. Slipping cushions can be remedied easily. Here are some of the easy solutions.

  • Velcro strips. Couches usually have Velcro strips, but if yours doesn’t have one, you can manually add Velcro strips to keep the cushions in their proper place. You can do this by sewing Velcro strips on the backside of the cushions and on the couch’s base. Ideally, you should attach 6x1½” Velcro strips. When sewing Velcro strips, make sure to use strong stitches to make the strips more durable and effective. Also, use Velcro only on cushions with thick fabric. Thin fabric will likely be damaged by the tension that Velcro creates when the cushion moves. Remember, however, that Velcro strips may not totally keep the cushions in their place, but they can at least reduce the slipping incidences.
  • Anti-slip floor mats. Anti-slip floor mats are very practical and easy solution for slipping cushions. You simply need to cut the mats according to the shape of your cushions and put them underneath the cushions. The only downside to having anti-slip floor mats is that they don’t make a very good sight when the cushions are removed. But they are effective nonetheless.
  • Rubber shelf liner. Rubber shelf liner works in the same way as anti-slip floor mats. You can also cut it in a particular shape or in strips and put underneath the cushions. You don’t necessarily have to cover the entire couch; if you prefer, you can put rubber shelf liner just at the middle, and the cushion will not slide off its place.
  • Foam rubber. Also called mattress pad, foam rubber is an effective way to keep the couch cushions in their proper place. Like anti-slip floor mats and rubber shelf liner, you should also cut the foam rubber into the right size and place the foam rubber pieces below the cushions. They may become a little bit bulky, but frequent seating will flatten them out eventually.
  • Fabric tape. Double-sided fabric tape is another effective material that you can use to keep the cushions from slipping. You can put fabric tape on all sides of the cushions and put the cushions on your couch. You may need to change the fabric tape pieces once in a while since they may lose their adhesiveness over time.

Remember not to use any type of glue on your cushions. Glue adheres permanently, so you can’t turn the cushions over when needed. And if you forcibly try to remove the glue, you risk damaging the cushion fabric. When putting the cushions on the couch, remember to tuck them tightly and press them in place. Try to sit on the couch and then stand up. Notice that the cushions will remain intact in their place.


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