How To Keep Furniture from Smudging Walls

One of the easiest and best ways to keep your home looking fresh and updated is by maintaining the walls.  A quick coat of fresh paint is sure to brighten up any room, and a new color can transform your original décor.  Keeping your walls free of smudges can be difficult, however, especially when large pieces of furniture sit alongside the wall.

One of the easiest ways to keep your furniture from smudging walls is by putting it a safe distance away from the wall.  When the furniture is backed up into the wall, any kind of movement from the furniture will leave dark smudges behind.  This is especially true for couches, which are subject to a lot of use and movement.

Keeping the furniture away from the walls is easiest on carpet surfaces where the furniture won’t slide as easily.  However, wood and laminate flooring are slippery and can cause the furniture to slide back up against the wall.  For this reason, you can use a blanket or towel instead.

Using blankets and towels to keep furniture from smudging walls works best on certain types of furniture.  For couches, it’s simple to throw a blanket over the back of the couch and allow the blanket to serve as a protector between the wall and the furniture.  Best of all, the blanket can be used to match the décor of the room.

For something less subtle, a towel can be tucked between the wall and the furniture to prevent smudging.  Again, using a towel is only ideal with certain types of furniture, but provides a quick fix to smudging walls.

Another useful way to keep furniture from smudging walls is by installing door stoppers onto the back of the furniture.  This is the most effective way to protect your walls, but also requires drilling into your furniture.

You will need two door stoppers for each piece of furniture, so choose spots on opposite ends of your furniture.  Also be sure that the spots are symmetrical so that the door stoppers line up appropriately.  The best types of door stoppers to purchase are ones that have a rubber tip and a screw-in back.

To begin, you will have to drill a pilot hole to make it easier to set the screw into.  Drilling a pilot hole also prevents the wood from cracking.  Once the pilot hole is drilled, you can screw in the door stoppers in the designated spots.

When you have completed screwing in both door stoppers, you can move your furniture back into place.  The door stoppers will provide an instant gap between the wall and the furniture and prevent any smudging.  If you choose to rearrange your furniture at some point in time, simply remove the door stoppers if they are not needed.


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