How To Keep Furniture Mildew Free at a Storage Unit

Many Americans have had to use a storage unit whether it’s due to moving from a large home to a smaller one or simply because you have accumulated too much furniture over the years.  Whenever you put extra furniture inside of a storage unit you risk your furniture being damaged by mold and mildew.  Don’t fret, however; there are many ways that you can prevent this from happening.  If you follow these tips your furniture will less likely suffer from mold and mildew while it’s being stored away in the storage unit.

Don’t settle on the storage place that is closest to your home because of convenience.  Shop around and see which storage place offers the best deals and, most importantly, which has climate controlled storage units.  If your storage unit is climate controlled then it won’t experience the high levels of humidity which will cause mildew to grow.  In addition, climate controlled units protect your storage unit and belongings from unwanted pests.  Climate controlled units are a little more expensive, but are well worth the extra money.

Before you place any furniture inside of the storage unit make sure all of the pieces of furniture are dry. If any of your furniture is even the slightest bit wet then you will need to let it dry completely before storing it.  If you apply a wax coat to all of your wooden furniture before you store it this will protect it from mold and mildew.

One of the most important things to remember when you are storing any kind of furniture is to never store any item that is wet or has water inside of it.  That being said if you are storing a refrigerator you will need to defrost it, clean it and dry it completely before storing it.  Be sure to leave the refrigerator doors open to prevent any mold or mildew from growing.  The same applies to a washing machine.  If you need to store your washing machine you will need to drain it completely and allow plenty of time for your washing machine to dry completely.  You will need to leave the washing machine door open when you store it, just like you do with the refrigerator, to prevent mold from growing inside of it.

Another good idea is to purchase tarps to place over your furniture.  When you choose to store any of your furniture inside of a storage unit you do so at your own risk.  Even if you are using a climate controlled storage unit you can never be too cautious.  Purchase a few tarps to place over the top of your furniture once you have it all situated inside of the storage unit.

Nothing that you do guarantees that your furniture will be safe from mold and mildew in a storage unit.  These tips will just help you to fight against the mold and mildew and try to prevent it from happening.  After all, you’ve worked hard for your belongings; you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe and intact.


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