How To Keep Mirrors from Fogging Up

Fog on your bathroom or automobile mirrors can really get in your nerves. It will waste your time as well as money and effort. Normally there are some products you can find in the market that deals with the fog on your mirror. However this will cause you about $5 to $10 and overpricing is common. Meanwhile, you can handle this problem yourself and save few dollars from your pocket. Follow these tips:

  • Use shaving cream. Using a lint-free piece of cloth, apply a thin layer of shaving cream to the surface of the mirror. Buff the cream until it is only slightly visible. Don’t wash it off with water. This thin layer will prevent fogging after a hot shower. You may need to reapply the shaving cream after a week or two when the mirror starts to fog up again. To avoid any build up in between applications, apply a glass cleaner should be applied first.
  • Use liquid soap. Follow the same steps used in the application of the shaving cream.
  • Use a small amount of shampoo. This is not only effective on bathroom mirrors but on automobile mirrors as well. Apply a small amount of shampoo on the bathroom mirror’s surface. Similarly, wipe an amount on the inside part of the automobile’s mirror. Once you have applied the certain amount, buff it in a circular motion almost immediately upon application with the use of a dry cloth. Continue, until the mirror’s surface becomes clear. Expect your mirror to be free from fog for about ten days only. Wipe again with hair shampoo for continued effect.
  • Use some soap suds. While on the shower, you can do something to keep your mirror clear from fog. Place a mixture of soap and water in your hands. Rub it in a slow and careful manner so as not to create unnecessary bubbles. Apply thinly on the surface until it clears up. If you follow the procedure correctly, it will look as if you haven’t placed anything on it. The mirror will not only look spotless but also free from fog.
  • Treat part of the mirror. If you think, it is costly in your part to keep the entire surface of the mirror free from fog then you can adjust the surface area that you wish to treat. For example, if you are to use shaving cream to wipe your mirror, it will cost you so much if the mirror is of great size. It is advisable for you to wipe it just on a certain part where you intend to use after showering.
  • Consider ventilation. Pay attention to the ventilation of the place where the mirror is. This is particularly true to bathroom mirrors. If you can allow adequate ventilation, then you are not only safe from having fogged mirrors but also soggy wallpapers or moldy grout.

Fog- free windows are certainly a convenience to users. You should not always rely on cleaning products that claimed that they could guarantee a fog- free finish for your mirrors. Besides saving some money, you can fix your mirrors by yourself almost immediately.


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