How To Keep Stainless-Steel and Alloy Appliances Smear-Free

Stainless steel appliances are not only good-looking but they are also timeless. Using them in your home or office is a plus for anybody who appreciates aesthetically pleasing environments. They look modern and trendy, giving a mark of good taste and excellence. Keeping them in pristine condition is essential for any owner if they want these appliances to truly stand out.  Thus, scratches and rusts should not be allowed to start.  Fingerprints and stains should be avoided at all costs.  These have adverse effects on the appliance’s surface, giving them a dull the glow and cloudy appearance. With the use of proper cleaners, stainless steel and alloy appliances could be kept smear-free and looking perpetually immaculate. Here are some tips to make your stainless steel and alloy appliance looking good as new.

  1. Use vinegar to remove rusts.  Vinegar can be used to clean a stainless steel appliance so that it will be smear-free. Vinegars are noted for being an effective rust cleaner. When used to wipe the surface where rust could start, the vinegar also prevents rust from developing and greatly helps in keeping the appliance stain free. Any smear that cannot be removed by the use of vinegar can be patched up with good appliance paint.
  2. Use soapy water to get rid of odors. In the old days when stainless steel was still a myth, garlic and onion were used to remove odors.  Today however, you should know that plain soap and water does as well, if not better. It is generally considered a good idea to keep your stainless appliance not only rust-free but odor-free.  After all, what good does an attractive appliance do to you when it stinks up the place? 
  3. Make a conscious effort to avoid scratches.  The stainless steel appliances can remain flawless by avoiding anything to scratch up their surface.  There are some appliances however that make this harder than it looks.  For example, stoves are notorious for being scratch magnets.  A thin coat of car wax will help to wipe out any dried spills on top of the stove.  Baking soda and water could also be used in cleaning the stainless stove top without damaging the surface. You can use non-toxic cleaners that you can buy from any automotive supplies shop to clean the stove top. The use of hand cleaners that remove grease from your hands is also beneficial because the grease there can damage the stove’s surface.

  4. Use special cleaners to remove dirt.  Do not even attempt to scrub off dried dirt without applying a coat of a special cleaner. This appliance cleaner, if left overnight, will re-hydrate the dirt making it easier to remove dirt without damaging the surface.

There are cases however where the surface of your stainless steel and alloy appliances have already been damaged and cannot be cleaned anymore.  It is possible for you to repair it by using some paint stripper spray and steel wool.  Nevertheless, do not try to do this by yourself if you have no aptitude in doing so.  In these situations, ask an expert to do the repair for you.

Stainless steel appliances have to be maintained smear-free so that they will last for a very long time. When properly taken cared of, they can save you money because of their durability. In fact, the need to replace a stainless steel and alloy appliance may only occur once in a lifetime. These kinds of appliances give you confidence that your savings can be used for more important things.


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