How To Keep Stainless Steel Sinks Looking New

The kitchen sink often isn't given much thought or attention and can end up looking rather dreary.  Stainless steel sinks in particular can easily lose their beautiful shine.  Whether it’s due to being scuffed up by dishes, marred by water spots or just a general dullness of the finish, all of these factors take away from the new beauty the sink once possessed.  If you happen to have one of these lackluster stainless steel sinks hiding out in your kitchen, there's no need to go through the expense of replacing it.  Just follow the simple steps listed below on how to polish it up like new again.

  1. First, starting with an empty sink, fill up one side with extra hot water all the way to the brim.  Add in one cup of bleach and let that soak for about an hour.  Now drain out the water and give your stainless sink a generous rinse of fresh water.  Be sure to repeat the soaking and rinsing process on the other side before moving on to the next step.
  2. Using some of your favorite cleanser such as Comet, Ajax or even a little baking soda works well here; liberally sprinkle it on all surfaces of your sink.  Don't be afraid to use some elbow grease and give your stainless steel sink a hearty scrub.  The faucet and handles will benefit from this as well.  Rinse away all of the cleanser residue to finish up this step.
  3. Next, take a sharp edge, a butter knife works great for this step, and run it around the rim of your stainless sink.  It's amazing what can accumulate in this area and even if it wasn't noticed beforehand, it will look immensely better once removed.  Use an old toothbrush or perhaps a string of dental floss to clean out around the handles and faucet.  This works great for all the nooks and crannies and truly gives this area an excellent detail cleaning.
  4. Now grab an SOS pad or some steel wool and give your sink a good rub down.  Notice how reflective the stainless steel becomes as the surface is buffed to a like new shine.  As a finishing touch, add a bit of olive oil to a clean rag and give your reconstituted kitchen sink a final rub.  Feel free to use lemon oil or even vegetable oil if that happens to be what you have on hand.  This oiling will enhance the shine and provide a natural protective coating.

At this point, you can stand back and admire just how beautiful and gleaming your stainless steel sink is.  After following the above steps you will easily be able to maintain this glow and keep your stainless steel sink looking like new.


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