How To Keep White Carpet Clean

How to keep a white carpet clean may at first seem impossible and daunting; however there are several things one can do to keep a white carpet clean and fresh.

  1. First of all, to keep any carpet clean, especially a white carpet, make it a policy that everyone who enters your home, first take their shoes off. Have other shoes or slippers handy—near the entrance—and then change into them once a person walks in. Doing this will help keep dirt and grime that might be on anyone's shoes, off of the carpet. In addition, placing an indoor and outdoor mat at each entrance or exit location to your home and making sure that everyone wipes his or feet before entering, will keep the dirt outside and not on your carpet.
  2. Second, to help keep your white carpet clean and spot free, be sure to vacuum often and steam clean at least once a year. You can steam clean or clean with a mop and pail—using a mild detergent or an ammonia mixture with warm water—yourself, or have a professional do the job for you. But, having the carpet cleaned annually helps to keep it clean and extend its life.
  3. Third, when a spot occurs on the rug due to smoking, spilling of juice, coffee, food or other, clean the spot up immediately. Doing nothing when a stain occurs will cause it to set in and will make it difficult or impossible to remove at a later date.
  4. Fourth, when eating and drinking in the living room or dining room areas be extra careful by ensuring that beverages and food are placed in a secure area, where they are least likely to spill over; mainly on a dining room table or stable TV trays.
  5. Fifth, when carpets begin to wear out due to high traffic areas such as entrance and exit areas, where people habitually come and go on a routine basis, rearranging the furniture will help reduce the wear and tear on your carpet.
  6. Sixth, for areas that have been cleaned but still look soiled, especially when there are lights on, keep in mind that even when a carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, there will be some traffic areas that will look darker than other areas. These dark areas on the carpet are often called improper light reflection areas. There isn't much that can be done when this happens except to make sure that you sweep your carpets regularly, take care of spills immediately when they occur and have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

In addition, after ten to twelve years many some carpets get a worn look and lose their shape. This is called matting. Matting is called fiber distortion. Regular sweeping and raking the carpet will help restore some luster to the carpet.


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