How To Keep your Chainsaw Clean

Chainsaws have come a long way since the time when men would share one end each, rocking to and fro to  through a weighty tree. Chainsaws are now common tools, and are used in many homes and by many business owners. While a more convenient and practical choice over a hand-drawn saw, newer chainsaws must be kept properly cleaned and in good working order before storage and after each use. Steady lubrication with oils specially designed for chainsaw equipment, frequent cleaning of moving parts, and general maintenance after use will keep your chainsaw functioning smoothly.

Below are some of the ways you can keep your chainsaw clean:

  • Always begin the cleaning and maintenance of your chainsaw by referring to your operator’s manual.
  • Take note of the visible condition of your chainsaw. If the chain on the bar arm is hanging too low, this is a sign that it may require cleaning and tightening. Keep your chainsaw tension or retaining nut tightened often before, during, and after use.
  • If more pressure is needed when using your chainsaw, this could be a sign that the blades of the saw are worn or dirty and may require cleaning. Remove the chain and wipe away any grease and residue buildup using a stiff bristled brush. If the teeth of the blades are dull, they should be sharpened using either a saw tooth file or a blade grinder.
  • Remove the chainsaw housing and check the sprocket areas. If the sprocket is dirty, remove it and clean well in a solution of degreaser and water. Dry thoroughly before replacing. If the sprocket is worn, it should be replaced through your chainsaw manufacturer’s supply. Using a worn chainsaw sprocket could cause a serious accident.
  • While the chainsaw motor housing is removed, clean the cylinder fins. Chainsaw cylinder fins can collect dust and dirt from the air as it passes over the fins while keeping your chainsaw motor cool while in use. If the fins are soiled, brush them clean and free of dirt and oil using a stiff bristled brush.
  • Check and clean your chainsaw’s air filter as well. While some are disposable, others may be cleaned with a grease-dissolving cleaner before using again. Make sure your chainsaw air filter is thoroughly dried before replacing.
  • Using a soft bristled brush, gently clean around the starter housing as well as the carburetor areas.
  • Check that your chainsaw sparkplugs are clean and grease free. Dirt can prevent start up or choking of your chainsaw while in use. If the spark plugs are dirty, brush clean with stiff bristled brush.
  • After cleaning your chainsaw, lubricate according the the manufacturer's instructions and keep in a safe, dry and dust free area.


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