How To Keep Your Extension Cords Organized

Keeping extension cords organized can be a daunting task, and this is especially true when you have many extension cords. Industrial length and oversized extension cords are an even more challenging task when it comes to organization and storage.

There are many different ways to tackle this problem. There are quite a few products on the market that can help, ranging from hooks to devices designed to make tangle-free winding of extension cords simple.

For industrial type extension cords the best option may be to purchase professional grade reels. Professional grade wheels may be manual hand cranked versions, or mechanical which automatically wind with features to keep cords neatly without tangles. Here's how to keep your extension cords organized.

  1. First determine the range of cords you have to deal with, and keep in mind where you will be storing them. These factors are key in deciding how to proceed with organizational options.
  2. If you like to reduce, reuse and recycle you may consider a basic environmentally friendly idea for the organizing of your extension cords. Reuse an empty paper-towel or toilet paper roll to slip over the extension cord once it is neatly wound.
  3. Writing on the outside of the roll information about each cord will allow you to see which cord is which with a glance. Now you can place the cord or cords into a drawer, storage container or hang on a hook if you have a wall for such things in your garage or workshop.
  4. Drawer dividers or shoe boxes can help organize even better.
  5. Some people choose to purchase appropriately sized zip lock style bags to store their extension cords in, an added benefit to this method is the bags can be marked with information regarding the extension cord's length etc.
  6. If your goal is to keep extension cords that are in current use organized, there are devices on the market designed for such.
  7. An alternative to a store bought device is to neaten the cords by using items most people have in their own homes.
  8. Using twist ties, like the ones used to keep bread bags closed, can help tie up loose cords and keep under desks, fish tanks or where ever you use extension cords well organized. If no twist ties are available, the same result can be brought about by implementing the use of string, rubber bands or yarn. If you use string or yarn, be sure to trim extra long ends to keep appearances neat and orderly.

It is important to be sure you are using extension cords that are rated properly for the job you are using them for. It is also important to check cords often to ensure they are in good operating condition and not posing a fire hazard.


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