How To Keep Your Home Smelling Nice 24/7

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Sometimes we get so used to how our homes smell that we no longer notice that they smell bad. It may be the pile of shoes by the door that makes the house smell. It may be the cat's litter box in the bathroom that creeps into the other rooms that give our house that bad order. If we have cooked with onions and garlic recently the odor may be lingering, more than we notice. Having a nice smelling house is one thing we all strive for. Learning how to keep your house smelling clean 24/7 can be an art form its self.

  1. The first thing we have to do to keep our house smelling good is to keep it clean. Dirt equals odor. When our homes are dirty, they smell. We need to have clean homes to have nice smelling homes. Floors should be swept and mopped. Windows should be cleaned. Dusting all those spots that seem a magnet for dust is essential. We also need to keep that bathroom clean and the litter box clean.
  2. Get the air circulating in your home. Stale and stagnant air can trap odors and make them linger in your home. Opening a window, if the weather permits, is a great way to get the air moving in your home. If you do not have this option, turning on ceiling fans or stand fans will get your air moving as well.
  3. Scented candles will make your house smell nice. They come in a variety of colors and scents. Choose the one that appeals to you. Remember never to leave a candle burning unattended. You can choose potpourri and reed diffusers in the same scents. Left around your home this will help the fragrance that you love spread.
  4. Linen sprays are also now widely available. You can spray your bedding, your drapes or any cloth or linen material with this. It will freshen them and when a breeze hits your curtains it will carry the scent through your home.
  5. Consider air fresheners for use in your home. You can find this in your local department store. They come in a wide variety. There are solids, liquids and sprays. There are those that are on a timer to spray at certain intervals. There are some that have built in fans. You can also find them in many scents. There are also some available that are odor neutralizers. You may want to keep these near the cat box and in the bathroom.
  6. Don't bring bad odors inside. Smoking is the number one cause of inside air pollution. The odor will get into your furniture, your carpet and your drapes. If you smoke, or your visitors smoke, do it outside. Keep the smell of the cigarettes out of your home to keep it smelling clean.

We all want our homes to smell clean and fresh. Simple things can help us keep them this way. Learn how to keep your home smelling clean 24/7 will make you and your guest feel more at home.


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