How To Keep Your House Cool Inexpensively

There is nothing really more uncomfortable than having the air-conditioner turned off during a blazing summer day—sometimes, it feels like having it on for a couple of hours at a time is worth the price you pay when it comes to battling the sun’s merciless rays. However these days, with electric bills surging higher and higher, suddenly the prospect of having to spend money for comfort is becoming harder and harder to swallow. And the idea of suffering a little so that you can keep the budget in reasonable levels continues to get stronger.

However, fighting off the heat is one of the hardest battles one can possibly have, as it goes after every part of your body and can even hamper your eagerness and motivation to accomplish other goals, which makes getting anything done almost impossible when all you want to do, is to open the air-conditioner.

Fortunately, you do not have to suffer that much, as there are plenty of ways to keep your house cool inexpensively, that may not necessarily be as effective as your air-conditioner, but it is enough to alleviate most of the discomfort—which in most cases, is enough to fix the problem instantly. So when summer starts rolling in at full force, and the temperature begins to rise to extremely uncomfortable levels, you do not necessarily have to say goodbye to your wallet. Simply continue reading this article, and follow the steps written below:

  • Go slowly. You do not necessarily have to cut off all sources of comfort against the heat—you can take it slow by simply raising the temperature in your thermostat by a degree or two. If you can afford this wait and see approach, then perhaps you can ease yourself to tolerating the heat, which is made much easier especially when you see the results in your bill. It can be amazing how a simple degree or two can have a big effect on one’s electric bill.
  • Eliminate extra light. You could also turn off any unused lights, which can be a potent source of heat if left on for too long, and make sure that you keep your windows open in regular intervals to let the blistering heat out. This is especially effective if you are not using an air-conditioner, and is probably the first thing you are going to do anyway. If your windows have blinds, you could close some of them so that the sun’s rays don’t make it through, which helps for a cooler environment in general.
  • Use fans. Finally, you can make good use of fans: ceiling fans, or attic fans, you can even purchase cheap electric fans which can be incredibly cost-effective. It doesn’t consume much electricity and if you place some ice on a bowl or maybe a tray in front of the fan, then it can actually feel like an air-conditioner itself. These fans are miracle workers in the summer, and you can purchase a lot of them and spread them around the house.

Keeping your house cool during the summer in cheap yet effective ways may have seemed difficult, but if you read and followed the advice given via the step by step process, then you have probably realized how easy it can be. All you really have to do is ease yourself into the heat (which shouldn’t be too hard if you followed the steps).


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