How To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Keep your jewelry organized in three easy steps.

  1. Separating jewelry by type is similar to maintaining a "filing system". Simply separate jewelry by type before storing. This is the best way to also save time choosing just the right piece of jewelry for the appropriate occasion. One other feature of a "jewelry filing system" is that the contents of the jewelry case is always clearly visible whenever it's opened. Separate bracelets by type: bangles in one section, tennis-type bracelets in another section and wristwatches in another. With necklaces, keep chains together, pearls and pendants should be separated by length. Rings can be sorted by use. Everyday use should be separated from those worn for evening. Do the same for pins. This is also true of earrings. Store hoop earrings together and stud and drop earrings separately.
  2. Storing jewelry in separate cases. It makes sense that jewelry cases have sections for various types of jewelry. However, storing jewelry in one large jewel box invites disorderly arrangement. Using smaller jewel boxes to separate jewelry helps to keep jewelry organized. Choose "stackable" jewel boxes for limited space. Two or three smaller jewel cases make it easier to make a quick selection when only one or two pieces of jewelry will be worn. For special occasions, multiple jewelry cases, when opened, display jewelry so that pieces can be more quickly coordinated. Jewelry stored in one large jewel box tends to obscure certain pieces of jewelry so that the first glimpse is also the most likely choice for wear.
  3. Jewelry has the tendency of losing fashion sense. Gaudy, plastic bangles of the 70's lost popularity when the fashion rage for tennis bracelets began. Thin gold or silver thread bracelets replaced tennis bracelets. This is true of necklaces and earrings. For limited space, it's important to do a bit of "spring cleaning" of the jewelry box. Choose those pieces that are out of style or no longer work well with present styles of dress. These pieces can be stored or sold as value dictates. Costume jewelry often increases in value when it can be worn as "retro" pieces. More valuable pieces of jewelry can be sold at jewelry stores as trade-ins for newer, more attractive pieces.

Learning how to keep jewelry organized is a simple matter when using the "Jewelry Filing System".


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