How To Kill Bugs with Boric Acid

Bugs are household health hazards. Boric acid is an effective way to eliminate them. Boric acid is an inorganic, odorless powder from boron and water mixture. Boric acid is safe for people and pets but it is highly toxic for insects. Below are steps and guides on how to kill bugs with boric acid.

  • Learn more about boric acid. Boron is extracted from the ground. It is used in many products like laundry additives, mouthwash, diapers, and toothpaste. Boric acid acts as poison once ingested by insects. After getting poisoned, the insects get paralyzed and gradually die. Boric acid can kill insects like ants, cockroaches, water bugs, palmetto bugs, carpenter ants, silverfish, and termites.
  • Effective way to use boric acid. Add bait to make it more palatable. For ants, mix boric acid and powdered sugar. Other insects will also bait. The acid will stick to the body of insects and they will ingest it later. Some insects will bring the boric acid in their colony so you can kill lots of them at once.
  • Homemade boric acid. Mix 4 ounces sugar, 4 ounces peanut butter, and 4 ounces boric acid. You can purchase boric acid at local drug stores. Trace the trail and nests of ants, cockroaches and other insects. Put small dabs of homemade paste strategically. Ordinary places to utilize the mixture are under stoves, sinks, counter tables, and refrigerators. Leave the mixture for several days. Repeat the solution twice a week until ants, cockroaches and other insects are gone. Insects come back so maintain the cleanliness of your home.
  • When boric acid fails. Boric acid can’t kill bugs because they don’t have chewing mouth parts. Bugs live off blood, their mouths are made to suck and pierce. Their system can absorb the acid but it won’t kill them. For quick solution, hire a professional to eliminate bed bugs. Bed bugs spread out easily so you need quick action. Heat and strong pesticides are two effective methods to eliminate bed bugs. Determine signs that you have bed bugs at home. They are bug bites, blood, bed bug skins, and bed bugs eggs.
  • Other effective tips. Conduct general home cleaning twice a month. Clean your bathroom every week. Ask help from your housemates and create cleaning schedules. Find cracks in your home and seal them.
  • Natural home treatment. Some people use natural remedies for safety and economic reasons. Use essential oils to shun off spiders and other bugs. Examples are peppermint, citronella, tea tree, lavender, rose, citrus, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and catnip oil. Dilute two drops of oil in water. Besides shunning off bugs, your home will smell great. Use boiling water to eliminate ants. Powdered sugar and baking powder mixed equally is an effective cockroach killer. Ground rosemary leaves will ward off fleas in your bedding. Other home products that repel insects are thyme, garlic, lavender, cedar chips, and witch hazel among others.

With proper procedure and maintenance, you can shun off bugs and other insects from your home. Boric acid is much effective than most natural home treatments. Use natural remedies if you want organic and if you’re on a budget.


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