How To Kill Farrow Ants

When it comes to the description of a farrow ant, it really does not look like an ant. They actually resemble young baby spiders and can be yellowish or brown in color. They normally live in what we classify as colonies that have one or more queen ants.

These ants have ferocious appetites and will eat anything, including pet food. It is especially important to keep areas of your home that are used for eating clean and clear of any type of food crumbs. The farrow ants will feast in the areas that have the most food available. There are several methods that can be used to eliminate some of the farrow ants, but you may not be totally successful and may have to repeat the process numerous times. You must be able to locate the nest outside your home before you can start the elimination process of these creatures.

  1. Peanut butter and boric acid. This mixture works as a lethal combination and has the potential to kill a large number of the farrow ants. In order for this combination to work, use more peanut butter than boric acid. The mixture should be placed in a container that is easy for the ants to find, like the openings of their nests. Some type of plastic lid or tubing will do. Once the ants start eating the mixture and feed the queen, she will die. Once the queen ant dies, most of the ants that are in the colony will also die.
  2. If you spray the nest with some type of ant killer that does not indicate that it is for farrow ants, you will only have minimal success when it comes to reducing the number of ants that you have. Farrow ants are very tenacious and have a high survival rate. That is why many homemade chemical combinations do not work. Even bait traps are unsuccessful when it comes to reducing the number of farrow ants.
  3. A professional exterminator has the ability to handle the farrow ant problem by the use of industrial strength chemicals. The problem may not be solved with just visit by the exterminator. It may take multiple visits, but it will be worth it in the end. If you are looking for a long-term solution to your problem, then let the professionals handle the farrow ants. The homemade remedies may only provide a temporary fix to your problem.

Since these creatures like to eat, look for ways that you can reduce the amount of food crumbs that are being left on tables and counters after each meal.  Use plastic containers with tight lids on them for food items that are not normally stored in the refrigerator. If you see one farrow ant, there are probably thousands more where that one came from.


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