Killing Fleas in the Carpet: Flea Treatments and Removal

Use These Tips to Get Rid of Fleas

Cleaning using vacuum

Fleas are a nuisance that can drive you crazy. If you’ve noticed the little bugs jumping on your sofa or even your pillow, it's time to get to work to get rid of them. They multiply quickly so you need to get control and kill the fleas in your carpet fast. Here are some flea removal tips:

  1. Start with the source – your pet. Before you can get rid of the fleas where you live, you need to get rid of their warm apartment. Fleas live on your pet, so treat your pet and then get him out of the house while you work to treat the house. Make sure Fluffy has a flea bath and that he gets a full time flea collar to wear whenever leaving the house.
  2. Vacuum the carpet. You will vacuum more than once, but start with this step so you can help raise the fibers and make the rest of the process easier.
  3. Treat the room and carpet with a pesticide. The best way to kill fleas is with a fogger since they are not just living in your carpet - they are also in your furniture, clothes and bedding. They may even be living in your kids’ stuffed animals. Foggers often require that you close the house and leave for several hours. Plan this for a Saturday when you can be away running errands.
  4. Wash everything. Once you have fogged, you will need to run your bedding through the washing machine. This will remove any dead fleas as well as keep the pesticide in the fogger from coming into repeated contact with your skin. If you have a child with allergies, talk to their doctor before choosing a fogger as the chemicals can cause a rash or other allergic reactions.
  5. Vacuum again. Now that the fleas should be dead, you want to remove any eggs so that they don’t hatch and start the problem all over again. Run the vacuum several times in each room. Make sure that you change the bag (or clean out the bin with soap and hot water if the machine is bag-less).
  6. Watch for reoccurrence and repeat treatment as necessary. Foggers often treat the live fleas but not the eggs, so don’t be surprised if you need to repeat a treatment. Wait a week after the initial treatment. If you notice fleas again then repeat the treatment. If not, you should be all set; flea eggs should have hatched within the week.

These steps will help you kill the fleas in your home. Remember to keep your pet flea-free or you will end up with another outbreak and have to start killing fleas all over again.


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