How To Kill Mold in your Closet

What do you do when you find mold on your food? Naturally, you deem the food inedible and throw it away because it signifies that bacteria have grown and the food has gone bad. But mold can grow in other places other than food – parts of your home, in fact. For example, you may find mold in your closet. It’s a dark, enclosed place that may collect moisture. You’ll need to take action just as you do when you find it on your food because mold on your walls and other parts of the house can be a health hazard. However, unlike food, you can’t just tear down your wall or your closet whenever you find mold growing on or in it. You’ll have to take a different course of action.

  • Basic mold removal. You can always revert to the most basic ways to take down mold. With proper protection like gloves and a mask, brush off mold that has grown in your closet. Open windows in the room where the closet is, leave the closet door open and shine a lamp on it to get some warmth into the closet. You can also remove stubborn mold by scrubbing it with sandpaper. Be sure to clean up well after. Leaving particles behind can cause more growth.  
  • Bleach out the mold. Bleach is the perfect solution if your mold problem is still minor. Take precautionary measures when using bleach. Put on a mask and gloves to protect yourself from the harshness of bleach. Open windows or doors so that you have enough air circulating. Use a spray bottle and pour ½ cup to a cup full of bleach into the bottle. Apply the bleach on the problem areas.  
  • Dry out your room. Mold is caused by leaks in the household or dampness from other sources. You can use a humidifier to get the dampness out. Another way to dry out the closet is to use an RID that can be found in the hardware section. Put the contents, which are actually granules, and put it in a container. Stick it in your closet and check back at the end of the day to empty the liquid. Once the granules disintegrates, replace it with fresh stock.
  • Get to know your mildicides. Go to the store and ask the sales representative about effective mildicides in the market. Once you’ve taken your pick, spray this in the corners of your closet. If there is a vent in the closet, spray some in it as well. Shut off the area by closing all doors and windows where the closet is in and leave for ten minutes. Then, clean off the remaining mildicide and make sure that the area is completely dry.
  • Take the natural approach. There are some natural solutions to mold, depending on the extent of the growth. Vinegar has been known to eliminate mold, as well as baking soda. Try either one to see if it can break down the mold. If the mold problem is fairly minor, it should be able to do the job. Placing an anti-mold product like a tea tree oil gel is also effective. Put a jar in your closet and the oil will stop growth and kill existing mold.

Be very cautious when dealing with mold. Removing it the wrong way can cause it to disperse into the air, which is harmful to your health. Make sure that you have protective gear on and that you have enough air circulating the room.


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