How To Kill Roaches with Homemade Bait

To some, there can be nothing more repulsive and horrifying than a roach. This is unfortunate as roaches tend to infest homes because of all those unwashed dishes, garbage bags that either have not been properly sealed or disposed of, or a little wet spot in an area of the house which was a little too dark to have been noticed. Whatever the reason for the infestation, it is common in most homes today, and usually there is one tried and true solution—an exterminator. These professionals certainly get the job done, but normally it is for a steep price. Perhaps the infestation is not in its critical stages just yet or at least not in a stage where professional help is sorely needed. There are other ways to dealing with a small case of roaches, such as purchasing products developed to get rid of them.

But then if you wish to do a little experimenting of your own, then you could develop home-made bait, which is what this article hopes to achieve. The step by step process below will help instruct you with a simple recipe for home-made bait, which is sure to deal with the roaches. Before you can begin, these are the materials you will need: some finely chopped onion, powdered sugar, some shortening, and borax. You will also need some plastic bottles, and an X-acto knife for the trap.

  • The first step is creating the bait. Do this by mixing up about a tablespoon of your powdered sugar with a half of the finely chopped onion along with two tablespoons of the borax and the same amount of shortening. Mix this solution up very well, and once finished, you now have your home-made bait.
  • Once you have your bait ready, then simply place it in the plastic bottles and seal it tightly. Using your X-acto knife, cut a slit or two horizontally near the lid of the bottle (but not too near), about an inch wide. Afterward, cut two more slits downward, on each end of the previous holes. This will allow you to push the plastic down, so that the roaches will be able to get in—but will have a difficult time getting out.
  • For the last step, just place the bottle near the area where you had last seen the cockroach (or perhaps the area where you think they are coming out from). The reason why it has to be in sealed bottles is so that your pets (if you have any) do not mistakenly ingest the poisonous substance.

Given a little time, you should start seeing dead roaches in the plastic bottle—simply empty the contents when it is filled up completely with the roaches, and do it again in order to get rid of your roach problem. If you wish to be more effective, then use more than one plastic bottle, and you can kiss your roach infestation goodbye. On a side note, to avoid further infestations, you should try to keep your home as clean as possible.


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