How To Launder Bed Pillows

Be Green: Wash Bed Pillows - Don't Buy New Ones

With simple polyester bed pillows available for a few dollars apiece, it's often easy to throw out used, dirty bed pillows than it is to launder them. But throwing away two to four pillows every few months is not very Earth-conscious.

Laundering bed pillows is not difficult. A few simple steps are all that is needed to launder bed pillows. Laundering bed pillows does not have to be done every time the sheets are laundered, but it is best to launder them every three to four months, especially if there are allergy sufferers in the home. Allergens like dust mites are often found in bed pillows.

  1. Before laundering bed pillows, remove the pillowcases and any removable protectors. The pillowcases and protectors can be washed separately with the bed linens in hot water.
  2. Do not forget to check any pillow tags for instructions. Pillow can be made of polyester, fiber, goose down and feathers. Separate the pillows based on the type of fill and pair the pillows according to material.
  3. If the pillow is made of polyester fill, it is safe to throw it in the washing machine. If the pillow is made of down, dry cleaning is possible but sometimes not practical. Down pillows can be laundered using water and regular, non-bleach detergent, but it is better to launder them in a commercial, front-loading machine rather than top-loading agitator machine in most homes.
  4. Laundering down bed pillows should be done once or twice per year.
  5. Polyester and cotton-blend pillows can be washed in warm water with regular detergent (unless otherwise recommended by the washing instructions), but only use about half the amount as opposed to a full load. It is also best to use a short cycle.
  6. When placing the pillows in the washing tub, you must wash two pillows at a time. Otherwise, the washer will be unbalanced and all of the water will be saturated into the one pillow. This will ruin the pillow.
  7. When the cycle is finished, run the spin cycle one more time. This will help ensure extra water is removed from the pillows before putting them in the dryer.
  8. After the second spin cycle, put the pair of bed pillows into the dryer, on medium-high heat for about one hour. Check the pillows after an hour and determine if more drying time is needed.
  9. Before putting laundered pillows back on the bed, do not forget to launder the pillow protector. These protectors, available in plastic and cotton in the linens section, help to keep the pillow clean and minimize allergens.

Laundering bed pillows is as simple as doing regular laundry but requires a couple key steps to ensure the bed pillows remain fluffy for a great night's sleep.


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