How To Lay Linoleum Squares

In the past, linoleum was looked on with disdain, because the sheets of linoleum tend to wear out easily and tend to create messy air bubbles on the floor. Today, however, linoleum has improved and there are actually linoleum variants that come in the form of squares, which mimic the appearance of tiles. These linoleum squares come in plenty of fancy patterns and are very durable. Best of all, installing these linoleum squares in your home is very easy. Here’s how.

  • Cleaning. First of all, you should make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned out the flooring in your home. Do this by sanding the flooring first. Bulk of the abrasive parts of the linoleum flooring should be removed and should be cleared out. After removing the abrasive parts of the flooring, use a vacuum to sweep the dust residue. If you have previously applied tiles, cushion flooring, rubber flooring ,or any other type of flooring material that requires glue, you will need to scrape off the old glue before you apply the linoleum squares. Otherwise, the glue from the linoleum squares will not be able to stick to the floor effectively.
  • Sealing in the wood. After cleaning, the next step is for you to start sealing in the wood. The wood needs to be sealed before applying the linoleum squares so that the glue will not stain the wood and so that you can use the wood later on, if you decide to remove the linoleum squares the next time you renovate or redecorate your home. To seal in the wood, simply purchase bond enhancers or primers, which are usually sold in hardware shops. These are usually available in liquid form, and only need to be applied using brushes or rollers onto the floor.
  • Work in sections. After you have sealed in the floor, take a pencil or a piece of chalk and use it to divide the floor into large sections. Dividing the floor into sections will allow you to work more quickly while installing the linoleum squares. If you are working on a small room, it may be enough to divide the space into two. If you are working on a particularly large room, however, you may want to divide the space into four or even six and more.
  • Laying the tiles. Once you have determine the sections that you will work in, take the tile and remove the sheet of paper that you will find on the back. Once you have removed the paper, the adhesive that comes with the tiles will be exposed. Once these adhesives are exposed, the next step is for you to lay the tile onto the floor. Press the tile firmly with your hands, or use a soft tipped mallet to gently press the tiles into place.

After you have covered the entire room with the linoleum squares, the final step is for you to allow the adhesive to dry out. This will usually take an entire day. Once the adhesive has dried, you can begin moving the furniture back into the room. With these steps, you should be able to easily install the linoleum squares in your home.


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