How To Lay Outdoor Tile

Tiles are a very easy way to redecorate and renovate the outside of your home. You can add tiles on the floor or on the wall. Tiles are great not just because they are durable and resilient, but also because they come in thousands of patterns. There are some tiles that come in solid colors, while there are some tiles that come with various intricate patterns. For the outdoors, tiles work especially well because the tiles are easy to wash and can withstand the sun and rain. Here’s how you can lay outdoor tile.

  • Measure. Before anything else, you need to make sure that you have carefully and precisely measured the surface area of the part of the house that you will cover with tiles. Measuring is very important, since the measurement will determine just how many tile pieces you will need to buy. Keep in mind; however, that you will need to buy an additional five percent more tiles to accommodate cracked tiles or small spaces that you may have not been able to factor in when measuring the area.
  • Material. Next, you will need to determine the type of tile that you will actually use for the project. There are plenty of various materials that are used to create tiles. There are some tiles which are made from stone, and which will last a very long time. There are also inexpensive tiles that are made from ceramics, which can come with very pretty patterns, but which are generally much more fragile. There are also porcelain tiles which are usually quite sturdy although a little bit expensive. The type of tile that you should buy will depend on the part of the house that you are planning on tiling. If you are applying tiles on the walkway, you will need to choose sturdy and durable tiles. If you are tiling the walls, you should choose decorative tiles.
  • Layering. Next, you will need to add some gravel on the bottom of the area where you will add the tiles. After adding the gravel, take some water proof membrane and place it on top of the gravel. Afterwards, take a filter fabric like burlap and cover the entire floor with it. Add a layer for drainage and start adding the mortar. This will create a solid layer with enough space for drainage.
  • Gluing. Once the mortar has dried out, you can start adding the tile by gluing them into place. There are some types of glues that are specifically made for tile. If you do not want to use glue, you can also use some mortar to get the tile to stick to the floor or the wall that you are attempting to cover.
  • Grout. After adding the tiles, take some mortar and carefully spread it in the corners and edges of the tiles. The grout will prevent water from entering the crevices between the tiles. It will create a single solid surface over the tiled area.

Wait for the grout and the mortar to fully dry out, and take a piece of cloth to wash away any mortar residues and stains. With these steps, you should be able to tile the outside of your home all by yourself.


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