How To Lay Wood Laminate Flooring

Wood floor is becoming very popular because of how easy it is to clean, but many people do not want the trouble of having to lay down real wood floors. To get the look and the easy cleaning of a wood floor, one would do themselves a service to just look into getting wood laminate flooring instead of real wood. Wood laminate looks like real wood, is easy to clean like real wood, and is much less of a hassle to lie down in a house.

The first thing to remember when laying down wood laminate flooring is that the laminate floor will expand and contract with the different temperatures in a home. Therefore, bring the packages of laminate flooring into the rooms that they will be installed in two days before the floor will be installed to give them time to adjust to the temperature of the room. Also, before one lays down wood laminate flooring, it is essential that the floor be cleaned and then a layer of foam floor padding be put down for the laminate floor to rest on.

Once the foam padding is down, the laminate flooring is ready to be installed. It is important to know that wood laminate floors are put together in a ridge and groove style. The ridge sticks out and locks into the groove. Start in the top corner with the ridge side facing the wall. There should be a spacer between each floor plank side that faces a wall and the wall. Then start laying the pieces of laminate flooring off of the end of the first plank that was laid down, and when you reach the end of the room, the planks may need to be cut to fit the room. As you go down the line, the floor planks need to be hammered into place so that the tongues and grooves are locked in to place. Do not hammer the laminate floor directly because they might break. It is better to put a spare block of wood up against the flooring and hammer the block.

When it is time to start the second row, one can use the rest of the plank from the cut off piece that was used at the end of the first row in order to have less scrap pieces of flooring and to alternate where the seams are placed. The rest of the rows should go down fair quickly and with little hassle. The planks should be laid down side by side, end to end in the alternating seam pattern, and they should be hammered into place using the same method as mentioned before with the spare piece of wood.

In order to get around corners and doors and such, there will be some extra cutting of the wood laminate planks as you install the floor, so be sure to measure those areas as the floor reaches them. If all of these things are taken care of, installing wood laminate flooring should not be as difficult or take as long as laying a real wood floor would do, but it will look just as nice.


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