How To Learn About Electrical Installation

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When it comes to electrical installation, hiring the services of a licensed electrician is the most prudent thing to do. Electrical systems are quite complex, especially when it comes to large structures such as buildings and mansions. However, it won’t hurt at all if you take the initiative to learn something about lighting installation, as you will never know when your knowledge will come in handy. Certainly there are times when you urgently need to have some connections fixed in your home and an electrician cannot be immediately located. Surely you don’t want to grope in the dark in case your electrical lights go off in the middle of the night because of malfunctions in your electrical installation.

Here are suggested ways on how you can learn about electrical installation:

  1. Read books and magazines. You may find reading materials on electrical installations in a book store or electrical house (store). Take note of the book “Electrical Safety Council: Domestic Electrical Installation Guide” 17th edition, copyright 2008 for a thorough instructional guide. Search the Internet and visit This is an online bookstore that offers low cost books on all topics and fields of learning. Search for electrical books by browsing on the catalogues and place your order by filling the information/order page.
  2. Observe carefully. While a licensed electrician is working on your electrical residential installation, make sure to be around to watch how he goes about with the job. Know everything about the electrical works in your own home and ask the electrician to explain to you the blue print plan of the whole electrical system. Be attentive and keep track of the details from the smallest lighting fixture to the electrical neutral circuit breakers.
  3. Go over instructional videos. There are YouTube channels that feature “how to do it” video guides. Go to YouTube channel and type on the search bar the words “electrical installation” and you will be directed to pages that contain related videos.
  4. Ask a licensed practicing electrician to teach you while he does the real job. Try to find someone who is willing to bring you to his actual place of work where he can teach and demonstrate the actual electrical installation.
  5. Practice in your own home by starting with simple tasks such as changing electrical sockets or installing additional electrical wiring in your garage. However you need to seek the advice of a licensed electrician before you do the installation. Likewise, after finishing the installation, have it inspected and approved by an expert to make sure you did it the right way.
  6. Read the guidelines prescribed by the International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC to educate you about the rules and regulations in electrical installations. Little knowledge is dangerous, so to speak, so it always pays to be acquainted with the rules. Remember that electrical installation is a very vital feature in your home as it supplies the energy needed to run the whole household. Hence one little mistake may affect the functionality of your home fixtures, and worse, may even result to injurious accidents.

It is truly cool to be a handyman in your own home. Learning how to install electrical connections is a smart move, as you will save the money that may otherwise go to a hired electrician. 


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