How To Learn about Global Security

There are so many reasons why you must learn about global security.  The most important among these is that you need to be aware about global security issues so that you can do your part in making your society safe.  This may sound as if too much is expected from you.  However, access in and out of national boundaries has been made easy in a fast globalizing world.  Unfortunately, this means that any security issue in another country can fast become a threat in yours.  Here are the most important points you have to be concerned about in your learning process.

  1. Newspapers can certainly provide you information on defense security.  Because national defense is a public concern of high importance, most items regarding it are very news worthy.  That is why information on this always finds its way to the newspaper.  If it is not in the front page it should be somewhere in the second and third pages.
  2. You can also tune in your radio or your TV to the news more often.  However, most radio stations concentrate on local issues only.  Many TV stations provide news on the international scene though.  In fact, there are channels devoted to international news.  These often give timely updates on issues involving terrorism security and the current wars being waged against terrorism all over the world. There are broadcast news organizations that also post their items on international security online.  The Voice of America is one of them.
  3. You may find international security information from alternative sources such as groups that see the problem of nuclear weapons proliferation as a grave issue on transnational security.  An example of such is the Nuclear Threat Initiative. Its website is
  4. Surf the Internet and focus on visiting sites that particularly discuss about defense matters and intelligence security.  There are websites, whether government-owned or private, that are devoted to this.  Because of the focus it gives to defense, you can expect to get more resources with deeper details here.  In fact, the professional media often use these resources to beef up their news stories.  An outstanding example of this is Global Security, a non-profit organization that aims to provide people with updates and analysis on security and defense issues. Its website is
  5. Once you do get to visit a website that concentrates on providing information on international security, browse its pages well and read the varied articles published online.  If you want to learn particularly about military security, then you should go to the web pages that give the detailed description of the military forces current disposition.  However, you should expect it not to give too much data that it would compromise its security.
  6. You may also access pictures of the latest military hardware through this website.  Again, this may not give all in order to make some strategic weapons as a secret to enemies.  However, those that have been used often in many scenes of conflict can be seen here, including the technologically advanced warplanes and its wing security.

The website on global security is certainly the most convenient to use among the other resources.  This provides the most information you can get.  These are in a wide variety of categories too.  Its links to the defense establishment are many and deep that is why it is able to build up a document resource that is definitely informative.  This should be the main source for any research that you do on the military and its current actions all over the world.


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