How To Learn About Single Phase Electric Power

Have you ever wondered how the electricity in your home actually works? The electricity that runs in our household was not generated there instantly. The energy is being transported from the electrical power plant via enormous electrical wires, and is then distributed to each of the households in the city. For residential areas and rural areas, what is typically being used will be the single phase electric power. How do you actually define single phase electric power? This article will attempt to cover that concern for you.

As mentioned earlier, single phase electric power is utilized in residential and rural areas mainly for lighting and heating purposes. In a single power system, a single transformer will transmit energy of varying degrees to different households. In a single transformer you will see three wires, one which is a neutral wire, a live wire and then a ground wire wherein the main breaker will be a single pole breaker. Large industry machines will not work under a single phase electric power system, so this is why a three phase electric power system is used. The difference of the electrical operation phase is that while the single phase system only uses one wave current flow but of varying degrees, the three phase electric system will produce three wave current flows with at least 120 degrees difference from each other. This production of electric power is done consecutively not simultaneously. This is why machinery that have single phase power motors that are connected to a three phase electric system do not work. It is because a three phase motor produce a revolving magnetic field, and single phase motors will need additional electric circuits to make the motor run. You will not have any problems plugging a single phase power motor on a triple phase electric system though as it will run smoothly.

If you have any machinery, especially for your business, but your area only runs on a single phase electric power system, you do not have to worry about not being able to use it. This problem is easily fixed by getting a phase converter. This will allow the control phase for your machinery and electric power system. Getting a phase converter is way cheaper than hiring an electric utilities company to convert your single phase electric power to a triple phase electric power. Before deciding to make any changes though, ask your local electrician what they would suggest.

Learning about electric power system and how it actually works can be beneficial. At least now, you can be conscious with the equipment and machinery you purchase for your home or your business, and you will be able to tell whether it is compatible with your electric power system or not.


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