How To Legally Slow Down Your Electric Meter

It is undeniable that the cost of energy is getting higher and higher. With this in mind, plus other monthly expenses, you might be wondering if you could find a way to reduce some of your expenditures. Fortunately, there is a way for you to do that. Aside from controlling your impulse to spend money on unnecessary things, you can also slow down your electric usage. By doing this, you can instantly lower your electric bills. Hence, reduce your monthly expenses. The result of this process may take some time for you to see. However, the time you will spend on this is nothing compared to the money you will save in the future.

Here’s how you can slow down your electric meter legally.

  • Electrical appliances. How you use your appliances determines your monthly electric bills. If you want to slow down your electric meter, you should know the proper way of conserving electricity through your appliances. One way to do this is to turn down your refrigerator usage. Make sure that your refrigerator’s temperature is at least at 37 degrees Celsius. When using your washing machine, avoid using the hot setting. Also, when you use your water heater, make sure to turn down the thermostat. A 120-degree Fahrenheit temperature is ideal for this. You should also be careful when buying new appliances. Make sure that they have energy-efficient setting. Most modern appliances today have this kind of setting.
  • Lighting. When it comes to this aspect, you should consider buying incandescent light bulbs. Aside from lowering your energy usage, this type of light bulb also lasts longer. They produce the same brightness as regular light bulbs. Also, you could also brighten up your house by opening the curtains, shades and blinds. You can also help lower your electric meter by doing the simple task of turning off the lights when you leave.
  • Home insulation. Insulating your room can also help you conserve energy. You can do this by simply purchasing a weather stripping kit. You can buy this from any department store, like Ace Hardware and Walmart. By using a weather stripping kit, you can insulate your home and block the cracks on your windows and doors.
  • Home improvements. Investing in your home with the right appliances will help you save a lot in the future. There are different ways on how to do this. You can insulate your walls and ceilings. This will help you save up to 30 percent in heating costs. You could also replace your windows with more modern ones. Try an argon filled double-glazed window. Aside from lowering your electric meter, this can also help you save carbon dioxide. You could also caulk your home. This only costs at least a dollar per window.
  • Heating and cooling devices. The first thing you could do is to avoid overheating/overcooling the rooms in your home. During winter, make sure that your thermostat is set to at least 68 degrees Celsius during daytime. On the other hand, lower the thermostat to at least 55 degrees Celsius during nighttime. During summer, keep your thermostat to at least 78 degrees. You should also clean your air filters regularly. The harder your cooling/heating utilities have to work, the higher the electric meter will be.

Conserving energy is the best way to slow down your electric meter legally. Although it may take a little while before you see the result, this is better instead of doing something illegal. There are also many benefits of conserving electric consumption. Aside from saving money, you can also help save the environment.


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