How To Light Up a House

Proper lighting is necessary in any home. Every room needs to be well lit especially if you have kids around. Of course, you can stick to the usual ceiling light fixture in every room, plus a few table lamps in some area. But if you want to create a specific mood to your house, like if you want to give out a relaxing or energizing feel, it is possible to make use of lighting techniques to make this achievable.

Aside from mood, do you know that choosing the right light fixture and knowing where to place them can help you emphasize the theme of your home?

  • Lighting to alter mood. A quiet and downcast lighting in a room can be used if you want a romantic or calm down mood. Candles are very popular if you want to have a calming light. For a more dramatic effect, place the candles in front of the mirror. Do how put the candles anywhere near flammable materials like paper or fabric from curtain as it may cause fire. Place the candles in decorative candle holders to make it fancier. It would also double as good decoration during daylight.

    Another example of what can be used to achieve this effect is by using white Christmas lights, especially the ones that slowly turn on and off.

    If you have some framed artworks hanged on the wall, you can place subtle track lighting beneath them. This type of lighting also looks good along floor boards. For a better effect, turn off all the other lights.

  • Lighting inspired by time. If your house is inspired by a certain time period, your lighting should match this. Enhance the theme of the room and make it more interesting with your lighting chose and installment.

    For a home inspired by French furniture and decorations, consider light fixtures make of wrought iron like big iron candle holders. For a country themed room, use hand-dipped candlesticks and pendant lights. If you have a beach house, get inspired by the sea and use oil lamps as fishermen use and lanterns that give a nautical feel. If you are using electrical lamps, use a light bulb that is in yellow shade for a subdued feel. Consider intricately printed lamp shades as well.

  • Lighting with the use of stylish lampshades. Be it a floor, wall, or table lamp or a hanging light fixture, the designs of the shades used give a very big impact to the room. For a Victorian-themed room, damask print and velvet fabric for a shade gives a dark and heavy feel. The dark color will also cast the light from the lamp down. If you use lighter palettes for your shade, light will go through and spread across the room. Dressing up your lamp with different shade decorations is a fun and easy project you can do. Give the bohemian feel by sewing a few colorful mixes of beads and shells at the hem.

Whatever feel you want to give your home, it is important to consider how the light and the shadow it casts impact a room.


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