How To Live in an Old School Bus

Living in an old school bus is really possible. It even promotes a different life of style, and it will allow you to save more money. Below are some of the steps that show how it is like to live in an old school bus.

1.    Purchase a bus. You can do this online by searching the web with companies that sell old school buses. You can also go out and canvass in your local community so you can see the product face to face. If you are not a mechanic and you do not know how to assess the condition of the bus just make sure that the engine and transmission is working well or you can ask someone who is knowledgeable in determining the condition of the bus to accompany you. However, if you really want to get the best deal then here are some things you should remember when buying a school bus:

  • Rust - If you are buying an old school bus, rust is one thing you should consider. For sure, you wouldn't want to live in a place full of rust. Therefore, you must consider it seriously, even how inexpensive it is. Most importantly, never buy a bus with rust near the engine mounts, or else you will suffer from major engine problems in the near future.
  • Leaks - Look at the transmission if there are signs of leakage. Leakage usually occurs in some buses when the transmission gets hot. So never try to buy a bus with leaks in its transmission.
  • Size - If you want your bus to be a good shelter then size matters. The bigger your bus the more room you will have for your appliances. Weight issues should not be neglected too.

2.    Clean the bus. Remove all the materials that you do not wish to keep. Sometimes it is good to leave some seats, but disposing the rest of the seats at the back can give you more spaces for your things and decoration. This could take a lot of time, hence, asking someone who knows a lot of things when it comes to designing can help you finish this task. At least, you can have an overlook on how your house will look like before finally removing everything inside the old school bus.

3.    Start decorating your house. After planning out how your house will look like, then it is time for you to put all things into action. You have an allotted space of at least 35 sq. ft. so be cool and artistic in designing. Painting it with different colors can add beauty to your bus. You can build a cupboard or closet using plywood. To make it complete, you should install a shower, toilet, bed, drawers and tables, and even curtains. You can also put insulation to keep you warm during cold nights.

Living in an old school bus is quite cheaper than to purchase a real house. It will cost you less for maintenance and a convenient life as well.


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