How To Live in the Garage

Most typical houses have a garage, no matter what the size of the property is. Relevantly, the size of the property would strongly dictate the size of the garage. This part of the house is usually used for many things, like parking your car, storing your tools, keeping your camping tents, safe-keeping your mountain bikes, and many other things that simply do not belong inside your household. Most of the time, this part of the house is left unvisited, dusty and dirty, and full of unwanted critters and insects. Not that we mind, we don’t even go to our own garage as often as we go to the bathroom for a potty.

Creatively, we can make use of our garage in more ways than just keeping our belongings. With the ample amount of space dedicated to this house compartment alone, we can utilize the given space in more productive, and more importantly, more enjoyable ways. One of the things that we can do is to make it into a “livable” space for human standards. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Clear out all the things from inside the garage. Do not leave anything behind. You will need to vacate all your belongings, from your car straight down to your screwdriver, because you need to inspect every corner and crevice of the garage space.
  2. Inspect the wall linings for cracks and holes. Make sure you do the necessary covering of any of these holes to prevent anything – or anyone – from sneaking in. Inspect the ventilation, windows and doors. Make sure that you have enough sources of oxygen and clean air. Inspect the electrical linings, wires and cables. Make sure that you’re familiar enough with the blueprint of the garage room because you will be doing a lot of improvements and you wouldn’t want to be placing any kind of flammable stuff near the electric socket or something as dangerous as that. This is also the right time to adjust anything you want according to your preference.
  3. Since your garage has been left in the shadows and has become the home of thousands of critters, insects and unwanted pests, it would be wise to fumigate and clean up the garage space before you do any other improvements. This ensures your safety and peace of mind.
  4. This is about the right time to paint or design the perimeter of the garage. After drying, you can proceed into bringing in your furniture. Remember that you only have limited space, so prioritize the furniture that would make your life easier. This highly depends on personal preference, but universally, you would like to prioritize your bed (or couch), closet (or cabinet), table and a few chairs, TV, electric fan, heater, lights, fridge, etc.
  5. Advance to bringing your appliances and other personal belongings soon after you have brought in your furniture and equipments for storage.
  6. Install locks on your windows and door. Since this will be your new home, you have to be extra cautious and preserve safety and privacy.


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