How To Load a Clothes Dryer

  1. First of all, there are several types of clothes dryers on the market. There are clothes dryers for industrial use, clothes dryers for laundry mats and of course, clothes dryers for personal use in homes. As of right now, there are two fuel type dryers: Gas and Electric. If a business or home owner uses a gas clothes dryer, then the gas clothes dryer will run on propane, natural or possibly butane gas. If on the other hand a business or home owner uses an electric clothes dryer, the electric clothes dryer will run on electricity, using an electric current.
  2. Some businesses or homeowners might decide to purchase a ventless or traditional dryer. Right now, a ventless dryer can come in a spin, dehumidifier, condensation and probably other types of ventless models. For a spin dryer, allows for water to be removed much faster that a traditional dryer. This also saves on time and energy costs; a dehumidifier clothes dryer allows for faster water reduction without extreme heat; a condensation clothes dryer allows heat to run through a load of laundry being dried by using a process called heat exchange. This type of dryer is also a plus for those seeking to reduce their energy costs.
  3. With that bit of background about clothes dryers, if you have never used a clothes dryer, it might be something foreign to you. This is especially true if you grew up in a home where your Mom or Dad wash and dried all the clothes.
  4. So, if you are now on your own, either on an apartment (using a Laundromat) or your own home (having purchased a washer and dryer), it is time to learn how to load a clothes dryer. Looking at a clothes dryer, it looks simple enough to use, but a clothes dryer needs to be used properly so it will not break down or catch on fire. Yes, a clothes dryer could catch on fire if used incorrectly.
  5. Before placing washed clothes in your clothes dryer, it's wise to inspect the cleaned clothes for any remaining spots. If spots are still visible, do not include that piece of clothing in the dryer. That stain will, more likely than not, be set forever in that piece of clothing. If the washed clothes still have water in them from the spin cycle, wring them out by hand before placing them in the clothes dryer. This will allow the clothes to dryer faster and save on energy. Now, simply choose the dryer cycle you want your clothes to dry on. There is a low, medium and high dyer cycle. Different clothes dryers will call their dry cycle by different names. Follow the directions on your clothing labels to make sure you don't shrink your clothing from too much heat.
  6. Finally, if you want the clothes to be static free, it is wise to add a fabric softener sheet in with the clothes. This will also remove all static from the clothes. Now, set timer on for however long the clothes should dry for: 20,30,60,75 minutes. Once clothes are dried, it is best to remove clothes right away so wrinkles will not set in.


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