How To Lubricate a Finish Nailer or Brad Nailer Tool

A nailer or nail gun is used as a tool to drive or hammer nails into wood or other materials and is driven by pneumatic compressed air or electromagnetism. In recent years, it has replaced hammers used by woodworkers, carpenters and builders.

A brad nailer shoots brad nails into place with air compression. The brad nails are thin, small, finishing nails that have narrow heads protruding slightly to only one side, that allow the nails to embed when hammered into wood. There are even headless brad nails, averaging from a 1/2 inch to 2 inches long that can be used for smaller projects.

A brad nailer is very useful for precision work on woodworking projects, and to trim or add details to large projects. It can serve as a stapler or nail tacker. Professional woodworkers and carpenters prefer to use brad nailers on craft projects and small furniture since the small nail heads are not visible even when used on baseboards, furniture, and cabinetwork. The brad nailer does not require pre-drilling that can cause the wood to split. It can be used on blind spots, around corners, and other home improvement jobs including window or door casings, and wall paneling.

Brad nailers have electric and pneumatic models. No clamps are needed since you can simply add glue to hold pieces in place. The handheld tool is very light and handy to work with. If you are using a pneumatic brad nailer, an air compressor simply shoots the nails into place. Since air compressors create water that can run through your tools, you may need to apply air tool oil, or nailer lubricants to the air fittings to help reduce the amount of water buildup in your brad nailer. Nailer lubricant is needed only for nailers that require oil. The lubricant keeps your brad nailer running cool and prevents damage to parts and other costly repairs.

Here are the simple steps to lubricate a Finish Nailer or Brad Nailer Tool

  1. Make sure your finish nailer or brad nailer is unplugged before you lubricate it.
  2. Check your brad nailer unit’s User’s Manual to determine the specific type of lubricating oil to use. Do not use oil with detergents or other common additives that can damage the inside components of your brad nailer tool.
  3. Read the manual to find out if there are specified instructions to lubricate the unit you have. Follow the specified instructions.
  4. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the coupling to where the air hose is hooked up.
  5. Place 5 to 7 drops of pneumatic oil into the hole from where you removed the coupling.
  6. Put back the coupling and tighten it back into place with an adjustable wrench.

For a video presentation on How to lubricate a Finish Nailer or Brad Nailer Tool   you can access the site.

Jon Olson has a video series presentation on the site on how to use a brad nailer, demonstration on how to prepare and load a nail gun, deal with a nail jam, set the nail pressure and depth, and talks about basic tool safety. He has other videos on how to identify the different parts of a finish nailer, and how to daily maintain your tool as well.


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