How To Lubricate a Sewing Machine

Your sewing machine will not be able to serve you at its best if you do not take care of it properly. In fact, if you ignore just one important maintenance step need for this machine, you can regret it when the sewing machine just gives up on you. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you lubricate the machine from time to time. Here's a quick guide on how you can lube your sewing machine to support its long life:

  • Grab a good quality sewing machine lubricant. Most sewing stores and specialty shops sell sewing machine oil that you can use for lubricating the machine. However, get only a high quality one for best results. It is best to ask questions to a representative in the store so you can choose well which among the brands in the market will help you the most. Most of the time, quality lubricants are more expensive. However, with the care such kind of lubricants can offer to your machine, every cent you pay for one is worth it.
  • Prepare the sewing machine for the lubricating process. Turn off the switch of the sewing machine. The lubricant is a fluid so you do not want to mess with the power supply when doing your task.
  • Start by lubricating the driving mechanism of the machine. The first part of the machine that you must work on is the mechanism that is driving the sewing needle when in operation. Drop a drip of the oil onto this part. If you have a high quality oil, one drop of it is enough to achieve the lubrication goals.
  • Lubricate the other parts of the sewing machine. Check all the moving parts of the machine and lubricate them off with one drop of machine oil. Take note that there are some moving parts that are inside the sewing machine's casing. Hence, consult the owner's manual to help you properly access those hidden moving parts of the machine.
  • Let each part of the machine absorb the oil. It is necessary that you allow the sewing machine lubricant to be absorbed by the machine parts. Therefore, leave the sewing machine as is for several minutes. For best results, let the machine stand for around 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Prepare the sewing machine for operation. Go back to the sewing machine and plug it back in. Then, turn the machine on.
  • Distribute the oil throughout all the parts of the machine. To do this, feed a scrap fabric to the machine and operate the machine smoothly and slowly.
  • Be careful about the electrical parts of the machine. It requires no genius from you to know that the electrical parts must not be lubricated. Hence, be careful not to splash some oil into this kind of parts. If this happens, electric shock or irreparable damage in the machine can potentially happen.

Your sewing machine brings you great projects from rags to clothing. With this, it is just proper to do your machine some favor. Give it some care by devoting some of your time to lubricate it every now and then. In the end, this kind of maintenance will not only benefit the machine but also you and the rest of your family.


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