How To Maintain a Washing Machine

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Washing machines are a great invention. Because of them, you no longer have to hand wash bins of soiled clothes. Without the manual washing and scrubbing, you can get to do other things or simply make more room for you to enjoy yourself.  The market is full of many companies that offer regular and high end washing machines to suit your needs and tastes. To get these wonderful machines to work longer for you so that you can get your money’s worth, follow these few simple tips on how to maintain a washing machine:

  1. Regularly inspect and replace your washer’s fittings and hoses as necessary. Check the hoses for cracks and blisters.  Check the fittings for corrosion and dripping water.  Replace fittings and hoses at least every three years as part of your washer’s regular upkeep.
  2. Rid the drum and draining hose of bad odors and dirt by giving it a good cleaning. Clean your tub within three month intervals. Set your washer on ‘hot’ mode. Fill the tub with water and add a solution made of a half cup of baking soda and three cups of white vinegar. Finish off with a cold cycle.
  3. After every washing, clean your washer’s soap box regularly to prevent bacteria from forming in there. A dirty soapbox sometimes causes leaking and malfunctions in the long run. After cleaning the soap box, dry it using a clean rag or kitchen towel.
  4. Clean the drawer compartment regularly. If you do not clean the drawer compartment of your machine regularly, soap scum will build up in there, which will cause mildew and molds to form in your drawer compartment. Remove the molds using a toothbrush dipped in bleach.
  5. Remove the drawer compartment to clean water jets found at the top. Water jets are a breeding ground for bacteria and molds which leave bad odors inside the drum and onto your clothes.
  6. Clean the siphon where fabric softener is poured into in your machine. Do this by using bleach detergent. You need to clean this because sometimes, the fabric conditioner remains from your last rinse.
  7. Clean the dispensers of your washing machines by soaking them in hot water if they are removable, or pour the hot water in them if they are not removable.
  8. Clean the exterior portion of your washer. You cleaned the insides – it makes sense to clean the outside as well.
  9. Use just enough fabric softener and detergent. Using excessive amounts can lead to corrosion in your machine.
  10. Before loading your washer, be sure to check the pockets of your clothes for coins, pins, pens and other sharp objects that you may have accidentally left in the pockets.
  11. Regularly call maintenance personnel to clean the insides of the washer, if you do not know how to. Remember to unplug your washing machine before attempting to do this.

Learning how to maintain your washing machine, as you can see from the above instructions, is a relatively easy task. Machines like this are not made to last forever but you can make them last longer by regularly following these tips.


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