How To Maintain and Care for a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a powerful tool that blasts highly-pressurized water.  It is used to wash away layers of hardened dirt, dust, grime, mold, mud, and even graffiti.  Because of its tough work, a pressure washer requires maintenance and care to keep it working properly.  Here is how to maintain and care for a pressure washer to ensure its good working condition.

  1. Turn off the pressure washer.  Switch the pressure washer off before cleaning.  Make sure that the button is set to off.  Remove the pressure washer’s plug from the electrical outlet as well.  Even though the unit is turned off, the plug still receives electricity.  Cut off all power from the pressure washer to avoid damaging the unit and injuring yourself.
  2. Wash the intake.   A pressure washer usually has an intake where chemicals, cleaning substances, and detergents are placed to mix with the highly pressurized water.  Residue from these cleaning materials may accumulate and cause damage to the pressure washer.  To prevent this from happening, wash the intake of the pressure washer using clean water.  Wash until the water coming out of the intake becomes clear.  Do this after every use.
  3. Wash the pressure washer.  Clean the pressure washer to remove dirt and grime that may have found its way inside, because these may cause the pressure washer to behave erratically.  Wash the dirt away using clean water.  If there are chemical buildups inside, wash these away as well.  Do this after every use as well.
  4. Keep the nozzle open.  When using the pressure washer, keep the nozzle open.  A closed nozzle increases pressure inside the hose and may cause the hose to become damaged.  Turn the unit off when the water inside is pressurized enough.
  5. Get adequate water supply.  When there is little water left inside a pressure washer, pressure inside greatly increases and the unit may become damaged.  When using your pressure washer, check the water level to see whether the unit receives enough water to run properly. 
  6. Remove excess water after using.  Pressure washers run on either electricity or gas.  For electric pressure washers, flip the switch on and off to remove excess water from the pump.  For gas-powered pressure washers, pull the start rope for at least 3 times. Water left inside the pressure washer may breed insects, parasites, and mold.
  7. Store the pressure washer in a safe place.  Keep the pressure washer in a safe place which is sheltered away from unfavorable weather conditions.  Don’t leave the pressure washer in a very hot or a very cold place.  Keep the pressure washer away from children and people who don’t know how to use it.  A pressure washer is a very dangerous device in untrained hands because it can peel away human flesh.

Use your pressure washer properly to lessen the chances of it becoming damaged.  Care and maintain a pressure washer regularly.  Keep its manual and read it so that you know the specific instructions on how to take care of the particular pressure washer.  When the pressure washer becomes damaged, or if it shows signs of deterioration, discontinue using it and bring it to a repair service.


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