How To Maintain Teak Patio Furniture

The common denominator among outdoor furniture is teak. Teak includes oil that helps protect the outdoor furniture from weather changes and from extreme exposure to downpours as well as daylight. Teak is one form of a strong wood. It is physically powerful and long-lasting. Teak patio furniture will remain for numerous years with a minimum of maintenance. Color maintenance for your teak patio furniture could also be achieved by doing some preservation tasks. Preserving patio furniture will be made easier if you follow the steps listed here:

  1. Get ready with your materials. Do not start the maintenance without having the following materials in hand. Bring this checklist as you look for the objects that you will need. Maintenance kit includes the following: teak oil, paint brush, wood stain and cleaner, rag, and sand paper.
  2. Clean regularly. Make a cleaning and maintenance schedule. It is recommended that you perform the cleaning every five months. Do not use an ordinary cleaner. It may damage your furniture. Use a cleaner that specializes in wood as well as outdoor furniture. Use a rag in applying the cleaner. Use the same rag to remove the grime, dirt, or discolor. Use another rag to make sure that the area is thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Give a new look to your outdoor furniture. Do this by spreading teak oil on the wood furniture. Do this step until your furniture becomes brighter. Imagine your furniture when it was newly purchased. Aim the same shininess for your old furniture. Use another rag to do this process. You may also use a paint brush to apply the teak oil on your furniture. Do not forget to work on the same direction when applying the teak oil. It will help you do the maintenance work easier.
  4. Remove excess natural oil. Extra oil for your outdoor furniture is not healthy. Hence, you have to use another rag (a soft one) to wipe away extra oil. The natural brightness of your outdoor furniture will be noticeable after four to five months of application. The process may sound too long, however, you may increase the speed rate of the process by physically parching the excess oil of the wooden furniture.
  5. Beautify the outdoor furniture. You may alter the color of the teak patio or you may enhance its outward show. To do this enhancement, start by augmenting the wood through the help of a sand paper. It is recommended that you use sand paper that has grit features. After sanding, spread a wood stain with the help of a paint brush. You may also use a clean rag to apply the wood stain. Do not forget the rule in wood stain application: Be consistent with directions. You may apply from left to right or from top to bottom. Do not change directions because you will not achieve desired results.

Nowadays, buying outdoor furniture is very expensive. With the use of the above tips, you do not need to replace your furniture over and over again. You should only use a little amount to maintain and to beautify your teak patio furniture.


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