How To Maintain Toasters

One of the most useful kitchen appliances in your house is the toaster. A toaster is an electric appliance that is used to toast different types of bread. Usually, a toaster is small in size and does not consume much space. A typical toaster will toast bread for about two to three minutes. Also, there are toasters that use fire to toast bread. These kinds of toasters require a longer time for toasting. If you want your toaster to last for a longer period of time, here are the simple ways to maintain them.

  1. Begin with regular cleaning. Cleaning the toasters right after use is not recommended. You have to make sure that your toaster has already cooled down ahead of the maintenance or cleaning process. If you will clean a hot toaster, it will only result to damage in the toaster’s mechanism. Cleaning a hot toaster may bring physical injuries and burns on your skin. Therefore, do not forget to let your toaster simmer down before doing any maintenance procedures on it.
  2. Look for and focus on the crumbs of bread. Toasters are full of crumbs. You can clean out the crumbs by pulling out the tray located at the base of your toaster. This tray is the crumbs tray. Its function is to collect bread crumbs. The crumbs tray protects the toaster’s mechanisms from possible bread crumb penetration. The best way to clean the tray is by gathering the crumbs. After dumping the crumbs, you may now wash the tray with soap and water. Let the tray dry. Use a cloth to facilitate quicker drying. Return the crumb tray in the toaster.
  3. Remove, wash and return removable pieces. Toasters have removable pieces such as wire racks as well as trays. Remove these parts. Make sure that you memorize the proper placing of the pieces that you have removed. Clean with water and soap. Let the parts dry. Return the pieces in their proper places.
  4. Wipe dirt for the other parts of the toaster. Use a damp cloth to clean stainless and plastic parts of the toaster. Use soap in cleaning tough stains. You may use a soaked cloth to keep the soap away from the toaster. There are toasters that have been designed for more convenient cleaning. If your toaster is one of these models, you will not have any problem in cleanliness and maintenance.
  5. Do not soak your toaster in water. Never pour water directly on your toaster. You may create a short circuit or a shock once you turn on the toaster. In worst cases a fire can cause from toasters that are wet and which have short-circuited. Water on your toaster is also one of the elements that will ruin its apparatus.
  6. Consult professionals. If you think you need extra care or if you encounter problems, you may seek the help of a professional. You may need their advice for the repair and maintenance of your toaster.

Toasters have changed over the years. Aside from bread products, you may even cook anything in a toaster – as long as it fits. Indeed, a toaster is indispensable in a kitchen. Hence, if you want to prolong the life of your toaster, follow these maintenance procedures.


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