How To Maintain Your Fire Extinguishers

Holding a fire safety equipment

One of the most useful life-saving tools is the fire extinguisher. Usually, you can find a fire extinguisher in hospitals, banks, malls, business establishments, and even houses. With the help of a fire extinguisher, you do not need to call the firefighters to stop a small fire. Fire extinguishers are helpful in eliminating smaller fires that may result in bigger fires. Most of the time, fire extinguishers save people’s lives. In order for a fire extinguish to function properly, you have to provide it with sufficient maintenance. Use the following steps to ensure that your fire extinguisher is working properly in times of fire:

Keep it away from high temperature. This may sound ironic but this is for your own sake. Make sure that your fire extinguisher is far from fire hazard materials like stove. Remember that you need to get the fire extinguisher during fire. The location of the fire extinguisher should be safe enough.

Replace fire extinguisher regularly. Even if you used your fire extinguisher only once, you need to replace it with a new one. Usually, old and used extinguishers are not reliable during emergency. Do you want to risk your life? You should do the regular replacement to make sure that you can still save yourself in case of fire. 

Refill a fire extinguisher. Some fire extinguishers are rechargeable. However, you cannot do the refilling at home. You do not have the authority to do that. The best thing that you can do is to seek the help of service companies. Some companies that sell fire extinguishers also provide recharging services. Call the hotline of the store for a home service.

Examine the manual. Before using any thing, you have to consult its rulebook first. You can avoid harm and prevent the possible damage to the product by reading the manual. You may also use the other documents included in the package as a Terms and Conditions reference. You will read about maintenance and proper handling of the fire extinguisher through the manual.

Shake it. There is powder inside the fire extinguisher. To prevent this chemical from clumping, you have to do the shaking every month. Do not forget to do this step as a maintenance routine for your fire extinguisher.

Conduct inspection. Look for the seal of the fire extinguisher. Call your service agency once you find a tampered extinguisher. Check the pins of your fire extinguisher. Guarantee that they are in good shape and are still available. You should also look for traces of rust and lumps. Check the weight of your fire extinguisher. Read the manual if the “written” and the “real time” weight matches. Check for the nozzle as well as the nameplate of the fire extinguisher.

Let the fire extinguisher do its job – to stop fire and to save your life. A moment in fire should not be the time to check if your fire extinguisher is working or not. Follow the tips listed above in maintaining your fire extinguisher rather than risking life and limb.


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