How To Maintain Your Lawn in Winter

Your greatest pride and joy is your lawn and then winter comes along and throws you for a big loop leaving you guessing as to how to maintain it. This can be especially true if you live in a northern part of the country where you can expect frost, ice and snow to be a part of your winter time.

Unless you live in a tropical environment then you need to know exactly what to do in order to keep your lawn as well maintained as possible through the winter months. Here are some ways to help ensure that your lawn will look its best when the cold weather breaks:

Step 1

Rake leaves: Before the first snow falls to the ground in the winter time there will be lots of leaves on the ground. While the changing of the leaves is indeed a beautiful site, if you leave them on your lawn for the winter time they will only trap moisture, block light and leave a nasty looking lawn.

Step 2

Final cut: When making your final cut, be sure to set the blade level at a high point. This will give your lawn a fuller appearance while it is not growing in the cold times. Once you are through with your final cut be sure to rake up all clippings so that the underlying grass is not killed.

Step 3

Fertilize: Before the really cold stuff comes you can fertilize your lawn one last time. Be sure to use fertilizer that is nitrogen rich and only use half the recommended amount. By fertilizing in the first few weeks of winter you will allow your grass to slowly absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer through the cold months ahead.

Step 4

Avoid contact: When there is frost or snow on your lawn try to avoid contact if possible. It really doesn't take much pressure to kill a cold spot of grass and if you insist on walking all over your frosted lawn you may be left with many dead spots.

Step 5

Improve drainage: Before the ground gets too cold you can spike the lawn – put little holes all over – which will allow for better drainage. This is particularly important as the frost and snow begins to melt causing an abundance of moisture.

It is also a good idea to drain your lawn mower, weed eater, and blower of gas while you store them for the winter months. Gasoline that is left alone in your lawn equipment for too long can gum up and cause all sorts of trouble for you come spring time.

It may be hard to say goodbye to your lawn for the long cold winter months. But if you maintain your lawn during the winter months it will be that much easier to say hello to it once the weather warms up. Though the tips and tricks here are easy to do and may seem somewhat mundane, you would be surprised at how much the little things can make a difference in your lawn come winter time.

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