How To Make a 90-Degree Angle Cut with a Miter Saw

Sometimes you need to cut a piece of trim that should lay straight flush with a cabinet. Creating that cut at just the right angle could prove to be difficult. It can be quite tricky cutting a 90-degree angle. You should use a miter saw to be able to match your trim to the cabinet. If you use this, cutting the 90-degree angle can be pretty easy. Below are tips and steps on how to make a 90-degree angle cut with a miter saw.

  • Set up your workbench. You should work in an area that is safe and spacious to prevent any mishaps. Choose a workbench that is a few inches longer than the wood you are planning to cut. Make sure that your work area is well lighted so you will prevent making errors while you cut the wood. Find an area that has an outlet since you will need electricity to use your miter saw.
  • Wear protective gear. To prevent any injuries, make sure that you wear protective gear. You will be handling equipment that could be very dangerous. Make sure that you wear safety goggles to prevent any wayward wood chips, sawdust or even metal shavings from hitting you in the eye. Always make sure that you stay focused while you are handling the power tools to prevent any untoward mishaps.
  • Set the miter saw to “0”. You can adjust these settings by referring to the miter saw adjustment arm. Adjusting the settings to “0” creates a perpendicular angle between the saw blade and the guide. This allows you to have a 90-degree angle or a right angle for your miter saw.
  • Place the wood against the saw guide. The wood should lie straight on your work bench against the miter saw guide. Steady the wood with your hand, making sure that your fingers, especially your thumb, is well out of the way of the saw blade. Pull the miter saw carefully towards the wood, making sure that your wood is still steady against the guide. Make sure that you refer to your guide to see if you are cutting along the correct lines.
  • Turn on the blade. Once you are certain of the blade's direction, lift the saw a bit and turn on the power tool. Guide the blade slowly through the wood, making a clean cut along the saw guide. Once you have reached the whole length of the wood, turn off the blade. Do not put down the blade while it is still spinning. Make sure that it is not rotating when you attempt to pull out the blade from the wood. If you have made a clean cut, there shouldn't be any problem removing the wood from the saw. Either way, do this step carefully.

Now that you have cut your wood properly with a miter saw, keep your power tool safely tucked away where no one will accidentally stumble over it. Do no expose the blades when not in use. Your hardware should probably have protective coverings or containers for your miter saw so they are out of harm's way.


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