How To Make a Bathroom Ladder Rack

All bathrooms need storage space. Instead of getting the usual over the toilet cabinet, why not make a fun and unique piece that is both interesting and functional? A bathroom ladder rack fits this perfectly. Using a garage sale find or an old ladder that you don’t use anymore, you can bring life and new use to an old piece with a little creativity and imagination. Here’s how to make a bathroom ladder rack.

  • Get a ladder. For this project, you will need an old wooden ladder. Look for one in flea markets, in your garage or a yard sale. You may even have one lying around in an old tool shed somewhere. Make sure the wood is sturdy enough to bear the weight of heavy towels. Press the rungs down to apply some pressure. If the wood doesn’t break, you can still use it. Don’t worry if it looks distressed. It will actually look more interesting if it is. The ladder needs to be the type that rests on the wall. If it is the kind that folds out, remove the back piece since you will only need the part with rungs.
  • Prepare the space. Measure the space where you plan to rest the ladder. There has to be ample room to walk around it. Ideally, place the ladder near the bathtub or toilet, so the towels and items you place on it will be easily accessible. Check what type of material on the wall you have so you can determine how you will secure the ladder. You may use either L bricks or dry wall anchors.
  • Paint the ladder. No one wants a ratty old ladder in the bathroom. The trick to making this project work is to make an old ladder look charming by putting a little work on it. Take the ladder outdoors where there is ample ventilation and get started. Sand down the ladder with a fine grit paper. You may give it a fresh coat of paint to refresh it. Finally, spray on a coat of sealant, such as an acrylic sealant to waterproof the wood and to protect the paint. Allow the ladder to dry thoroughly.
  • Secure the ladder on the wall. Once the ladder has been prepared, you will need to place in properly on the wall. Bring the ladder inside. If you decide to lean the ladder against the wall, make sure it won’t topple over. Another option that is more permanent is to bolt the ladder on the wall using L bricks. You can purchase these at any home improvement center. Drill a hole where you will screw in the dry wall anchors or the L bricks. Once you have positioned the ladder, screw it on.

In four easy steps, you have made your own ladder rack. This project will take a weekend to complete, because of the sanding and drying time. However, when you are done, you’ll have a functional, original and beautiful piece you can hang your wet and dry towels on. Next time you find an old ladder, consider this project before throwing it away.


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